Freedom Mobile $0 iPhone 8 is Back with $65/10GB Plan


If you’re looking for an iPhone upgrade and you’re within service areas of Freedom Mobile, the company has brought back their $0 iPhone 8 offer on contract, which requires a $50 minimum voice and data plan, plus a $15/month MyTab Boost. This offer was re-introduced on Sunday and expires on January 16, 2018, as spotted by RFD.

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This iPhone 8 for $0 on contract was offered during the holidays but Freedom Mobile has brought it back in 2018, which surely should see a response soon from the Big 3. With the MyTab Boost, you’re paying $360 for an iPhone 8 ($15 x 24), saving you $569 off the outright price of $929.

While Freedom Mobile advertises this iPhone 8 promo with the $50/month Big Gig plan with 10GB of data, plus a $15/month MyTab Boost for 24 months, this plan does not include any voice minutes. Rather, incoming calls are free, but outgoing to Canada/USA costs $0.05/minute. Also you’re limited to 250MB data in Away zones, while incoming calls are billed at $0.05/minute as well.

But there’s still hope, as Freedom has their ‘Everywhere Canada 50’ plan for $50/month and 5GB data, but comes with unlimited Canada/USA talk and unlimited global text. This plan may be better if you need to talk more, but you ‘only’ have 5GB of data and you can also get it with your $0 iPhone 8.

Also, if Freedom Mobile brings back recent Friends & Family 35% off codes, these may be applicable to this iPhone 8 promo.

Freedom Mobile’s LTE network is quickly growing and improving, and discussion within the RFD thread indicates more positive network feedback, compared to before.

Shaw’s wireless carrier officially launched iPhone sales in early December, pricing iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for $0 on contract, a vast discount compared to Rogers, Telus and Bell.


  • Harold Neal

    AS someone asked on another site, can I get plan, cancel the next week, pay the $360.00 tab and get a new iphone for $360.00?…or is there a catch!

  • Si2k78

    The subsidy is 569$, so I think you pay the that in addition to the tab if you cancle.

  • Firoj

    As someone else pointed out it works for Koodo but not with Freedom. Right now Koodo has $450 credit on Pixel 2 XL. You can save that if you want to go android route.

  • tanr

    You Pay the full remaining balance of the Iphone

    $15 + $23 = $38 (per month of multiply the remaining months)

  • Jetfire

    Doesn’t work like’ll have to pay the tab+any additional savings you get from freedom.
    Example: iPhone 8 64gb $0 upfront
    $25 MyTab boost + $40+ plan, saved $329
    Now on to cancelling Freedom,
    $25 tab x 24 months
    = 600 + 329 from the original saving for the deal

    =$929 the outright price + $40 if you went past the 14 refund days period so you’d end up paying more.

  • tanr

    Previous MyTab Balance $929.00
    MyTab decreased by ($38.71)
    Months until Commitment End Date 23
    Current MyTab Balance $890.29

    You cancel, you pay the TAB Balance not the $15.00 x remaining months

  • Patrickr

    Brutal service so avoid at all costs. Drops calls regularly. Frequently can’t make a call out for some reason (keeps failing as soon as you please send on the call). 25% of calls go directly to voicemail without ringing. Will switch from Home and Away network for no apparent reason or movement. If you call in they will blame your brand new iphone or the sim card when it is clearly a network issue (read the forums – their have been massive numbers of complaints about these issues dating back to when Freedom was Wind) . Please research very carefully before signing on with these guys. I absolutely regret switching from Rogers.