Freedom Mobile Promo: Lifetime 25% Off Big Gig Plans + $0 iPhone 8, Today Only


Freedom Mobile has a sale going on right now at some retail stores, which are offering a 25% off lifetime discount on $60 or higher Big Gig plans, and also $0 up front smartphones on contract, which include Apple’s iPhone, for new activations, for today only.

According to one user on RFD:

Freedom Mobile store at 267 Morningside Ave (647-930-1843) is offering 25% OFF Lifetime Discount on all the Big Gig Plans (10gb data) with phones
You can get any iPhone or Samsung S9 for $0 down along with additional 25 % Off on the plan which is amazing discount and deal is like a Boxing Week deal.

We called some stores in Richmond and Vancouver, but they were unable to verify the above offer. But the Freedom Mobile location at Metrotown (by T&T) in Burnaby did confirm the exact same deal as quoted on RFD.

Here’s what we were able to confirm:

  • iPhone 8 for $0 up front ($15/month tab)
  • $60/10GB Big Gig (Everywhere Canada 60) – 25% off lifetime = $45/month
  • Total monthly cost: $15 + $45 = $60/month for a new iPhone 8 with $0 up front

The Everywhere Canada 60 plan includes unlimited talk to Canada/USA, 10GB of data, and unlimited global text in your home network. Away network includes 500MB full speed data, 2400 minutes of Canada/USA talk and unlimited global text.

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Again, it appears this is a targeted deal by location and is happening today only, from what we were told. A similar sale was held last weekend as well.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this promo.


  • Widow Mines

    Damn i mizd this

  • Zyad Giliana

    Nothing is open today this guy is full of it.

  • Widohmaker

    Post was from yesterday.

  • Zyad Giliana

    That sucks didn’t realize it was posted yesterday…thank you.

  • Daniel Waito

    Ya but does their data still suck and only work in the city?

  • Sam

    how much for an iphone 8 plus?

  • sanu123

    hi there
    it is still going on . i had called a freedom store in edmonton, they told me that even it was supposed to be over yesterday but the system is still showing it so you can go and grab it.

  • Dex

    apparently they are still offering this…you just have to find the store that has “codes” …this promotion is in stores only and cannot get it via loyalty department….