Freedom Mobile Luring Ex-Customers with $35 Plan with 6GB Data Email Offer


Freedom Mobile, formerly known as WIND Mobile, recently launched their LTE network in Toronto and Vancouver—but so far the AWS Band 3 LTE network only works with a couple smartphones (the iPhone is not one of them).

In an effort to lure back former customers, Freedom Mobile has been sending out personalized offers via email. The latest teases the company’s $45 per month Canada-US calling plan with 6GB data—with $10 off—for $35 per month for 10 months. The plan also includes unlimited global SMS/MMS, and is only good until March 20.

Freedom mobile email offer

According to the email, it reads:

“Although you may remember us as WIND, we’ve changed our name to Freedom Mobile and renewed our commitment to making wireless service more affordable for everyone.

We’re excited to tell you that we’ve launched our new traffic-free LTE network in your city, meaning you’ll enjoy an enhanced experience and faster downloads.

If you come back and give us a try, we think you’ll notice a remarkable difference in our network, plus you can enjoy $100 in bill credits, 3 GB of bonus data and a $0 LTE phone.”

To get the $100 service credit, Freedom Mobile requires users to activate a new Pay Before or Pay After line on an eligible plan, such as the Smartphone 45 LTE, Everywhere 45, or Everywhere 55 plan. Once that’s done, a $10 per month credit will be applied for ten months.

iPhone in Canada reader Rusty tells us he switched over to one of the Big 3 carriers back in May of 2016. Freedom Mobile held onto his email address and sent him an offer out of the blue.

Anyone else getting email offers from Freedom Mobile?


  • Nicholas Dureault

    Just went to their site… Took 30 seconds to load. Hope this isn’t indicative of their service.

  • Kael

    If they want to give a temporary price, then they only deserve temporary customers.

  • Chris M

    I was with Bell for last 7 years, to save my bill I moved to Freedom last month and left it within a week again. I had 11 call drops & call failure in a week and data was too slow even to load google maps. It was Calgary on their 3G speed, I can’t even trust their LTE anymore.

  • Jason Penner

    Seriously how did Shaw think launching a wireless network that doesn’t support iPhone be a good idea?? i predict “freedom” will be for sale again in the not so distance future. And then Shaw internet price will go up every month instead of every 4 months to cover their losses


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  • Dehop

    Sad to see things haven’t improved in the last two years since a friend tried Wind for a couple weeks on her iPhone 6. The price was certainly right, and she was fed up with Rogers, but with no iMessage (the hacks to get it working didn’t last a day), terrible speeds in a highrise with no surrounding buildings to block signal… it just wasn’t worth the hassle, and she had to switch to one of other the big 3 or their subs.

    My girlfriend came from Wind to Koodo only because my old iPhone 5 wasn’t supported by Wind. When she gets the iPhone 8 or 7s this fall, she just might try switching back because 1 GB of data just isn’t cutting it.

  • Kael

    You should frequent every day. Due to the specials that show up I have been able to get my Fido bill down to $50 a month with 5 gigs!
    Purchasing my phone outright (iPhone 6) a couple years ago was the right choice.

  • Marios Kephalas

    Just finally moved to NEW LTE service…Wow,….I down speed 10 to 20….

  • Marios Kephalas

    Try the new LTE…..I have supposed the small carriers for few years now. Finally the reward. No bill surprises, more free features,

  • Dehop

    I do. There was a Koodo deal a few weeks ago for i think 4GB and $50, which I think would’ve done the trick. She’s a bit wistful for the idea of Wind’s “unlimited” data… but she had an old Android at the time. I doubt she’d be able to stream Netflix or anything over Freedom Mobile’s network (no LTE here yet).

  • M. Habeeb

    @Chris M
    Exactly as what happened with me
    The issue is not about how the offer is, yes they will give you 6GB Data. But in reality you will not be able to use more than 500MB (if you are lucky).
    Simply that is the idea