Freedom Mobile Launches iPhone Sales; Confirms Wi-Fi Calling Coming Soon


After announcing two weeks ago it would launch iPhone sales in Canada, the day has finally come for Freedom Mobile customers, as today marks the official launch. Customers who pre-ordered last week have been getting pick up notifications this week leading up to today.

Shaw’s wireless carrier has Apple’s latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus available for $0 upfront on a two-year term, putting some pricing pressure on incumbents Rogers, Telus and Bell.

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To get an iPhone X for $0 upfront, for example, customers will have to pay $100 per month on contract, while iPhone 8 will require $65 per month and iPhone 8 Plus $75 per month plans, if you want these phones for $0 upfront as well.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be supported on Freedom’s Band 66 LTE network, where available. Older iPhone models will work on Band 4 LTE, where available, as the company refarms part of their older AWS-1 spectrum.

Also available are iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE, all available for $0 upfront on contract.

With the latest release of iOS 11.2, that also brought forth a Freedom Mobile 31.1 carrier update. This update brought network improvements for iPhone users, while the update no longer required users to enter APN details manually.

As for features such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling and Visual Voicemail, these appear to be absent at launch, as Apple’s carrier feature and support page only lists FaceTime over Cellular, LTE and Personal Hotspot as iPhone features for Freedom Mobile users.

But in some more positive news–Freedom Mobile has confirmed Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone is “in the pipeline just not at launch”.

Also, the carrier’s LTE network upgrades continue to roll out, as Band 7 LTE has gone live in parts of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, specifically Richmond and Surrey.

Let us know if you’re buying an iPhone from Freedom Mobile today and how your LTE speeds are.


  • Makool

    I’ll be looking into this once wifi-calling is available, I’ve been a Virgin Mobile customer for 10 years but they never give me a good deal, I hope the network improves sooner rather than later, it’s time a company starts to offer value for your hard earned money.

  • Andrew Kolbuc

    As of this past week, I now get 20Mbps down and 2Mbps up in Port Moody, BC on my 6s on LTE with Freedom. It’s nice they grandfathered in my old plan and added LTE 🙂 For $50.40 a month after tax I get 8gb of data and unlimited call and text while being able to use 1gb of data, calling & texting in the States. Can’t beat that. Especially since I travel to the US every now and again. Reception is still spotty in certain areas but I’m interested to see if it’s improved at all with the recent LTE upgrades.

  • Gagz

    Will be getting one today..

  • Jarrod L’Hirondelle

    Freedom says every store in Edmonton has committed all of their stock to pre-orders and will not have anything available for non-pre orders until the end of December.

  • Chrome262

    ya think visual voicemail will be supported? I do plan to switch to them here in TO, because 15 a month for and 8 is pretty cool

  • 3Stacks

    Tested a FM with my X in Toronto and the LTE is still sporadic but fine when available (Upto 50Mbps), 3G consistent (2-5Mbps), works fine but not quite ready to leave the consistency of my Rogers LTE yet. Will test again after the Spring 2018 upgrades. Price points and data allowances are at that sweet spot to make some noise with the big 3.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    Your list is super outdated! Parts of GTA have B7!!!