Freedom Mobile Promo Again Offers $0 iPhone 8 with $65/10GB Plan


Freedom Mobile has brought back their seemingly never-ending iPhone 8 for $0 up front promo, which works out to $65 per month and 10GB of LTE data.

Iphone 8 $0 $65 10gb freedom mobile

The company says “Our best value on iPhone 8 ends Monday,” referring to April 16, 2018. The website has a ticker counting down the time until the promo ends.

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Freedom Mobile says “Get iPhone 8 for $0 up front (then $15/month for 24 months) when you activate on the 10GB Big Gig data plan. That’s $15/month for the phone + $50/month for 10GB data. That’s it! Ends April 16.”

The last time we saw this promo was back in January, and it continues to return, offering those who are within coverage a free iPhone 8 upfront and a 10GB LTE data plan, which is plentiful compared to other equivalent $65 per month contract plans offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell.

The ‘Big 3’ currently charge $230 for the iPhone 8 upfront, and that normally requires a starting plan of $105 per month with 1GB data.

Again, if you’re in an area of good Freedom Mobile coverage, this is definitely the best way to get your hands on an iPhone 8 for $0 upfront, or $360 after two years ($15 x 24 months). Apple sells an entry 64GB iPhone 8 for $929.

Earlier today, we noted Freedom Mobile launched at various The Mobile Shop locations across BC, Alberta and Ontario.


  • Surveillance

    That’s an alright deal*

    *its Freedom mobile

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Does your bill go down to $50/month after 2 years?

  • t l


  • ringoja

    This would be appealing if it was available with the Everywhere 50 8gb border plan

  • Josh

    If you already have the plan you can upgrade on it with the $15 boost for iphone

  • RickysCV

    I’m quite happy with it. There are a few dead spots, but not many here in Abbotsford. I get great coverage and speed in the Chilliwack area on roaming. Where else can you get a iphone 8 with a savings of over $500; on a plan that is so reasonable compared to the big 3? ‘They’re giving them away…’ lol

  • Riddlemethis

    Tell us please what it’s like working for freedom mobile?


  • Travis Turner

    I have that $50 deal from Christmas with a 35% discount. With an iPhone X my bill is $76 a month for the phone and unlimited minutes and 10Gigs. I never leave downtown, so it’s great for me. Those discount codes come out every few months.

  • RickysCV

    No; hardly…didn’t even get a discount code.
    If I’ve found something to be pretty good, I promote it. If I find something that is a rip off, I go after that and let people know. I’ve been with 3 other carriers over the years and the best deal/price I’ve gotten is with Freedom.

  • Wil

    I’ve been 3 years in this company. I went to freedom store to changed my plan and get that iphone 8 promo with $0 down. But unfortunately they refused me and they said I have only 500 credit limit. To get that iphone 8 you have more than 1000 credit limit. I was confusing this advertisement.