Freedom Mobile Promo: 25% Off Plans $40 and Up for Chinese New Year


Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has launched a holiday promo targeting Chinese New Year, offering 25% off all plans priced at $40 or higher.

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As spotted at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, BC, by a RFD user, other forum members have confirmed this offer is available at any Freedom Mobile store, to get a 25% off code to apply online or over the phone.

This promo applies to plans such as Freedom’s Big Gig plans, while promotional materials note this is a “lifetime discount”.

  • Big Gig 50 with 10GB data: $37.50/month (regular $50)
  • Big Gig + Everywhere Canada 60 with 10GB data: $45 (regular $60)

Again, Freedom Mobile may be an option to consider if you’re a Public Mobile user affected by the recent 25% price hike to their popular $40/4GB plan.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    I’m Sold!

  • SOB

    As a current customer I would like take advantage of it. Not seeing anything on the Freedom Mobile site. Maybe it’s in store only?

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    If someone figures out where the link to a discount code is please mention it here. This is the deal I have been waiting for!

  • Nathan Pedneault

    Very curious if the “big three” are going to compete with this offer. Especially dealer stores in Aberdeen Centre. I wanted to get on the 10gb for $60 plan under Bell, but missed the sale back in December. It would be worth the drive to Richmond if that’s the case!

  • gtasscarlo

    Is this legit, and can you stack the BYOP discount

  • Fazeo

    This is only for new customers. Which is disappointing. I called and was told that it’s only available at store…went to the store and was told I can’t get the deal unless it is a new customer activation.

  • Super_G

    Truly shows how much the Big 3 and their flanker brands are “hosing” hard working Canadians.

    Freedom 10GB/mnth = 37.50$
    or indirectly $3.75 / GB

    When Big 3 and subsidiary brands have overage fees of 7$/100 MB = 70$/GB

    3.75$/GB vs 70$/GB

    You do the math!

    I know freedom is a monthly price plan and I’ve compared it to “overage” pricing for the Big 3, however you compare it, it illustrates what data is being billed at. Same stuff, different pile is all.
    The Big guys are no where close to <10$/GB for monthly plans.

    Do yourself a favor…
    and be Free with Freedom.

  • Andrew Kolbuc

    Same. I went to the mall and they said new activations only.

  • Michel Plante

    I wish we had deal like that in Quebec

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Did they say when the offer would expire?

  • Tee Gee

    Call customer service threaten to cancel and they will get you to escalation or client retention to keep you say you want the new deal or leaving freedom

  • Mans

    Hi i am in freedom mobile but i pay $20
    I am telling every one more then $20 for freedom you wast your money this damn company antenna is garbage .you won’t have good antenna like Roger’s or telus or& so don’t’ be foolish. Be smart

  • wstoneman

    I went into the store and they said they never seen this before… they assume it’s codes given to current customers. Does anyone know if it’s still available, and what stores in the GTA have honored it?

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    I am more interested in their heavily discounted iPhones with 0 down then how good the “company antenna” is.

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Offer expires on the 19th and codes are very limited per location.

  • Zodiak

    I wish their coverage was slightly better. According to their coverage map, 50% of my house is on their home network and the other 50% in on the away (roaming) network.

  • Super_G

    This offer is ONLY available at one location in Canada.
    Although I see nothing regarding availability or limitations within marketing material…

    Too bad, there’s always a catch.

  • Red beard

    Try virgin they have something like it.