Freedom Mobile Referral Codes Offer $40/10GB Plan for New Customers


Freedom Mobile wants to get new customers—by getting existing customers to sign up their friends and family. An email blast to customers includes codes which offer a $40/month plan with 10GB of data for new sign ups—but only for the first year of service, according to RFD.

Here are what example codes look like:


Users are told to show the promo at Freedom Mobile locations to sign up for the $40/10GB promo plan. After a year, we presume the data will drop down to its current allocation of 4GB for $40, which includes unlimited Canada-wide voice and global text.

This is the same $40/10GB promo plan Freedom Mobile launched for one day, targeting Telus, Koodo and Public Mobile customers, in response to the latter’s similar plan targeting Shaw’s wireless carrier. Eventually, Public Mobile pulled their promo ‘suddenly’, and Freedom Mobile pulled back their own.

While Freedom Mobile continues to expand their LTE network, coverage still needs improvement and the company badly needs the next iPhone to support AWS-3, Band 66 LTE.


  • If only they weren’t using AWS-3…

  • My 1/2 cents

    Another slimy flash sale. You must buy a new phone to use their LTE network. Good for Samsung 8 and some LG devices.

  • Thuraisamy Sriranjan.

    Hi Freedom,2 nd time I took your plan june 26,017.monthylycharge+tax $62.02. Pin,: 2712. More than 1 month the pictures, and videos does not show anything. Facebook, You tupe, Online all.what Kind of plan this? Always said, that check your connection, and try again. But, how many hours gone.does not work. Is this good plan.? How is continuing,This kind of plan? Please, You make good service. thanks.

  • Linda Ann

    Hi there Freedom I have been with you since the beginning in Ottawa
    I do not see many incentives to keep existing customers happy.
    I would Love a new phone, but with your existing required criteria
    It is not an option for me (need to implement something different) here

    As I totally understand incentives for bringing in new customers
    from a business stand point it’s important to take care of both

    Would Love to see some Awesome deals for your long term Loyal customers ????????????