Using iPhone 8 on Freedom Mobile’s LTE Network


When Apple unveiled iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the moment after the keynote, Freedom Mobile customers quickly flocked to to see if Band 66 LTE would be supported. It turns out Band 66 AWS-3 is supported by these new iPhones—the same band as Freedom’s LTE network.

With today’s launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Canadians on Freedom Mobile have already started putting the network to the test.

iPhone in Canada reader Xiaohan Jin, tested out his unlocked iPhone 8 this morning to see signal strength, download speeds, and also to see if there was a similar network switching problem like the One Plus 5 (his website is in Chinese but Google Translate works).

Below is a screenshot of his tests, with the first three locations at his home in Mississauga (updated last 3 locations):

  • His home – second floor
  • His home – ground floor
  • His home – basement
  • Random open air plaza in Mississauga
  • Burnhamthorpe Rd W – driving home from Square One
  • Ground level parking at The Bay at Square One
  • Apple Store at Square One

Iphone 8 freedom mobile

Calls take place on 3G, while data is handled on Freedom Mobile’s LTE network. After phone calls on 3G, there were delays and issues jumping back to the Freedom Mobile LTE network (same as the One Plus 5). iMessage and FaceTime works fine over cellular and are able to activate as normal.

According to Xiaohan, he’s going to keep using Freedom Mobile on his iPhone 8, since his plan includes U.S. roaming and he travels down south often, so it appears the network is good enough for his needs.

Obviously, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X aren’t officially ready for the Freedom Mobile LTE network, so for people looking to test it out, don’t expect everything to work properly as expected. But from these quick tests, it appears Freedom Mobile LTE speeds on an iPhone 8 are decent, if you’re within good coverage.


  • Is it worth the switch if I’m in Toronto?

  • iverge

    Yes. I’m in T.O. and never had any issues. Plus PM plans are on sale right now.

  • Travis Turner

    I got an 8 plus and I’m still only on 3G…

  • Robert

    What version number is this phone? Intel or QUALCOMM LL

  • Cody Woodward

    More info needed. Do you have an LTE freedom plan? Are you in a region that even has freedom LTE? Have you updated your freedom mobile cellular addresses and restarted your phone?

  • Andrea Gentile

    Phone calls do not work on the freedom network with the iphone 8. LTE data does work

  • Travis Turner

    Yup I’m on the $59 LTE plan. I’m in downtown Toronto. I live by Rogers Centre.

    How do I update my cel address?

    Freedom sent me this.

  • Travis Turner

    And now it works for me….odd!

  • 🙂

  • Travis Turner

    Thanks. This seems to have fixed it.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    Yes definitely worth it! I live nearby Korean town and haven’t seen any problems so far.

  • MapleSaveUp

    Apple does not sell CDMA version in Canada, so no way in Canada we can get Qualcomm model.

  • Jamie


    Would you recommend switching to freedom if using iPhones? I’m with Rogers right now and want to make the switch. I’m worried about network speeds and coverage. I’d get the included roaming plan, and am wondering how you find it. I have an iPhone 6 and my girlfriend will have an iPhone 8.

  • Travis Turner

    I switched because I got a discount from work, so I’m getting the $59 plan for $38. I had a 7 Plus at the time and it didn’t work on their LTE, but the price was so good it was worth only being on 3G. The speeds aren’t too bad on 3G either. Instagram pics might take a moment or two to get focused and if you stream a video you get the odd buffer but overall it’s decent.

    But now that I have the 8plus and I’m on LTE I would say go for it 100%. It’s only been a few days but I’m downloading podcasts in under 10 seconds on their LTE.

  • Travis Turner
  • Travis Turner

    I live downtown by Rogers Centre and so far it’s been fine.

  • Cora S

    Is it worth it if I’m in Markham?

  • Linda

    I’m in Richmond Hill. is it worth to switch to freedom? I’m with Rogers currently but their plan will go up if i switch to iPhone 8 & X!

  • Jenna Partridge

    Is anyone in here using the LTE network in Vancouver and surrounding cities? I am looking to switch because their plans are so much better. If anyone could provide more info I would be very appreciative!