Shaw BlueSky TV Launches in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland


Shaw has launched their BlueSky TV offering in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, which is highlighted by a voice-activated “game-changing” remote, which can then launch content and more. The company calls the new service “the best TV experience in Canada.”

Vancouver marks the second launch city for BlueSky TV, which launched recently in Calgary last month.

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Jay Mehr, President, Shaw Communications, said in a statement, “We are now pleased to bring the premium service to hundreds of thousands of families and homes in the Lower Mainland, and give them the television experience they can’t get anywhere else. Just say it, then see it.”

Here’s the BlueSky TV promo (nice voiceover), which details “game changing technology” and “mind-blowing features”:

The TV platform is powered by Comcast’s X1 technology, a move which looks to help Shaw nab customers back from switchers to Optik TV by Telus. Shaw originally planned their own IPTV service in 2015, but switched to Comcast’s X1 turn-key offering, taking a $55 million write-down in the process. Rogers recently announced it had ditched their own IPTV development, to similarly adopt X1, with a write-down at up to $525 million.

Shaw’s BlueSky TV (Premier TV package), along with WideOpen Internet 150 is available starting at $99.90 per month for the first 12 months, as part of a two-year contact. After the discount, year two starts at $172.90 per month (regular price is $208 per month).

Anyone going to sign up for BlueSky TV?


  • karinatwork

    No 99.90 discounted price available for me. It starts at 172.90. Maybe because I’m already a customer?

  • RickysCV

    No thanks. Happy with Gateway. Using voice commands is not as quick as using the remote for me. No bang for the buck for me.

  • cayaguy

    I have Telus 4K TV. Besides not having the ‘siri like’ function I see no difference really…..and the price shaw wants is appalling …. game changers for sure into loosing customers … is it even 4K?

  • Luiz

    I have for almost a month now and it is a much better user interface. For me, an older Shaw customer, no promotion, but no increase, as well. Really happy with it!

  • Cable Cutter

    Prices for Bluesky are astronomic.

    I am being pushed towards Kodi and IPTV as a result and am very close to cutting the cord.

    The same thing that happened to newspapers is going to happen to the cable tv business unless they get a grasp on reality.

  • Cord Cutter

    Nope. Shaw states on their forums that 4k is not happening with Bluesky in the forseeable future.

  • TM

    So how did it go on Howard Forums with “false accusations”? Bwahahaha