Shaw BlueSky TV Launches Netflix Support


Shaw announced today Netflix has arrived for BlueSky TV customers, which allows them a “seamless way to binge-watch their favourite shows and movies.”

The new Netflix app on BlueSky TV will allow new customers to sign up for a subscription immediately with a credit card.

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“Shaw BlueSky TV has already revolutionized the way Western Canadians watch TV by making it quick and easy to find the shows and movies they want,” said Chris Kucharski, President, Consumer and Business, Shaw Communications, in a press release. “Now finding and watching your favourite content on Netflix is as easy as watching TV – no need to change remotes or juggle cords. Shaw BlueSky TV is now better than ever.”

BlueSky TV is based on Comcast’s X1 platform, and its highlight is the voice-activated remote. Shaw launched the service in Calgary at the beginning of this year, followed by a launch in Vancouver a month later.

Shaw says BlueSky TV and WideOpen Internet 150 can be had for as low as $79.90 for the first 12 months of a two-year ValuePlan.


  • Js

    Just tried it, works well but of course I don’t get to use my 4k hdr access.

  • It’s Me

    X1 is the future of TV, for the non-cord cutters.

  • Jesse

    I still hate how blue-sky is no 4K compatible. Which is why I went back to Telus now.

  • Bill___A

    They advertised the heck out of their Shaw ‘Gateway” and 250 meg internet. Now the darlings are the ones who bought the blue sky and 150 meg internet (being rewarded with new features and “unlimited” internet) , while the perfectly loyal Gateway and 250 meg customers are being treated like second class citizens, and being forced to watch endless commercials about how good Shaw is and how they should reduce their internet speed to 150 and get the “blue sky” system. I wonder what they will get next, and demote these people to second class citizens. You just can’t win. The best thing that could happen is for Telus to do a build out of their fiber so that everyone has a choice.