Shaw Launches Unlimited Data for WideOpen Internet 150 Plan [u]


Shaw has announced their WideOpen Internet 150 plan, their most popular Internet plan, now no longer has a data cap. The plan offers download speeds up to 150 Mbps and upload of up to 15 Mbps; according to the company, the plan is available to “over 99 per cent of Western Canadians” within their footprint.

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“Canadians love the Internet, and are using more data than ever before. At times though, they can be hindered by restrictive caps and costly overage fees that can curb their online use and make unfettered access impossible,” said Chris Kucharski, President, Consumer and Business, Shaw Communications, in an emailed statement to iPhone in Canada.

Kurcharski continued to say, “We want our customers to use the Internet as much as they want, and by removing these restrictive barriers, we’re making it even easier for them to take advantage of our top-tier speeds and ultra-fast network.”

WideOpen Internet 150 starts at $49.90 per month for the first year, if you sign a two-year term with Shaw, bumping up to $84.90 per month for the second year. After that, it’s $105 per month.

Western Canada rival Telus, offers an Internet 150 plan as well, with upload and download speeds of up to 150 Mbps, but the data cap is 1 terabyte (unlimited data is a $15/month add-on). The plans starts at $47 for the first three months, and $85 per month after.

We’ve reached out to Shaw for clarification on whether existing customers need to call in to change to the updated Internet 150 plan, or if the unlimited data cap is applied automatically. We will update this post once we hear back from the company.

Update: Here’s what a Shaw representative emailed in a statement, regarding existing customers on the WideOpen Internet 150 plan:

Customers who signed up for WideOpen Internet 150 on a 2-year ValuePlan before April 5, 2017 can contact us to re-sign their ValuePlan and receive unlimited data. All Shaw customers who purchased WideOpen Internet 150 on a 2-year ValuePlan after this date, or subscribed on a month-to-month basis at any time, have already had unlimited data added to their subscription.


  • Cody Woodward

    Sweet keep us updated on Shaw’s response for current customers please

  • Kris

    oh cool, I just signed up for 150 plan last month, I’d definitely like to know if 1024GB cap is now lifted…

  • Mike Hunter

    Shaw never enforced their data limits in any case. Good company, great customer service. Now get Freedom Mobile expanded and we will see some good mobile service as well

  • Ryan Slanden

    If you are on Shaw’s 2 year value plan with a second year price of $84.90 you will be moved to the unlimited data.

  • sukisszoze

    Telus better steps up..I’m switching!!

  • Jay

    Current customers on Internet 150 $84.90 rate or $49.90 1st year promo/2nd yr $84.90 rate are automatically switched over to Unlimited. If you are on the grandfather $79.90 Internet 150 rate you will need to renew on the $84.90 price to get the Unlimited data.

  • Riddlemethis

    For those on the $75 plan. Just cancel Shaw at the end and sign up using your spouse’s name to get the latest promos.

    Like already said, Shaw doesn’t enforce their data caps.

  • Biggy604

    I was told we get automatically upgraded. Then again I upgraded to Internet 150 just a few days ago. I dont know about users who did the change year or two ago.

  • Hosaka

    About to say this as well. There’s been a couple of months I went over the data cap but nothing bad came from it. Shaw never enforced it or contact me about the data overage.

    Customer service has been absolutely amazing in my 10 years with Shaw.