Easy Home Automation with the WeMo Light Switch from Belkin




Thanks to Belkin and its line of WeMo products, you don’t need to overhaul your home or build a new one to take advantage of advances in home automation. I’ve been using their WeMo Switch for a couple of years, and this past Christmas I got the WeMo Light Switch. It’s easy to setup and works great. Take a look at video review of the Belkin WeMo Light Switch.

As you can see in my video review, it’s really easy to install the WeMo light switch. If you don’t feel comfortable doing basic electrical work yourself, please call an expert. Installation only takes a few minutes. I want to point out something I missed in the video review, your light switch box must have a “neutral” wire. If it doesn’t, you’re going to have to contact an electrician. This “neutral” wire allows the light switch to be powered at all times even when the light is off.

When it came to the installation, the hardest part for me was getting it connected to my network and all paired up with the WeMo app. I had this issue with the WeMo Switch as well and I’m not sure why. My front door is really close to my Apple router, so the WiFi signal is very strong. It took me several attempts, but I finally did get it all paired up, and as I mentioned in the video, it’s been rock solid. No drop outs, or lost connections or anything of the sort.

Once it’s all set up, you can turn on and off your light with your mobile device. And yes, you can still turn it on and off by pushing on the light switch itself just like you would a normal switch. I installed mine to work with my front door light. It’s really nice to be able to come home at night and turn on the light as I pull into the driveway. I don’t have to leave the light on anymore, and because I can turn it off and on from anywhere as long as I have am internet connection, if I forget to turn the light off, it’s easy to do.

Another great feature is the ability to set schedules. We recently went on vacation and used the WeMo app to set a schedule when we wanted our lights to turn on and then off. We didn’t wan them turning off and on at the same time every night, so we quickly setup a schedule for each day, and it worked flawlessly. While away, we could check to make sure the lights were either on or off.

Overall I love the WeMo Light Switch from Belkin. We are thinking of getting a few more of them and a few more WeMo Switch’s for around the house and maybe even trying out a few of the other great WeMo products Belkin offers.

Are you into home automation? And if so, what are some of your favourite products? Let me know in the comments section.


  • Phil

    Nothing beats Insteon devices combined with the power of the ISY-994i home automation controller by universal devices. Not as plug and play as the WeMo products, but the things you can do with that!

  • I have quite a few Wemo devices (plugs, switches, and motion sensors) in our house and love them. Having migrated from increasingly outdated and unreliable X10 the Wemo system has been a dream in comparison. I only wish the motion sensors were available separately as I hate being forced to buy more plugs that I don’t need to get motion sensors that I do need.

  • Greg Pajak

    I’ve been starting to get into the “SmartThings” system. Its very interesting where it uses z-wave, zigbee, wi-fi devices to link together as you want. I have my iphone opening/closing my garage door, sensor telling me if its open, water sensor in the basement to tell if there is a leak, and of course operating many lights however you wish. My Nest Thermostat / Protect is also linked into it. Just waiting for the Goji lock to be released and my phone will be able to control the whole house essentially.

  • matthewcouto

    I wish this thing didn’t require the neutral wire. DAMN YOU, NEUTRAL! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

  • Trevor Robertson

    Great review Kris! One question does this give you the ability to dim the lights?

  • Dave

    I bought the Nest thermostat. Two days later found out Google acquired Nest. That meant data from my house was going to be sent to Google. Is there the same situation with this switch and Belkin? That is will Belkin know when I use this switch?