Samsung GALAXY Mega Size Comparison [ Note II / S4 / iPhone 5 / Lumia & More ]


Galaxy size

Yesterday, Samsung announced a couple of new ‘GALAXY Mega’ jumbo sized devices, which fall in the phablet category i.e between smartphones and tablets. Today, Phone Arena has published a side-by-side size comparison of GALAXY Mega devices with GALAXY Note II, GALAXY S4, iPhone 5 and other popular smartphones.

“So, the new devices are big. We know that they are very, very big… but exactly how big are they? We can never have a good understanding until we can see them side to side with some of the popular smartphones out there, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now. Below you can see the new Mega 6.3 and Mega 5.8 phones right next to the Note II, Galaxy S4, One, iPhone 5, Xperia Z and Lumia 920”.

With screen sizes of 6.3 and 5.8 inches, GALAXY Mega devices actually make the GALAXY Note II seem like a small device. Looking at all the comparison photos, you’ll realize how massive these new phablets are.

Do you think Samsung has crossed the line with Mega smartphones or could they use some more screen?

Size 2

Size 3


  • excaliburca

    I have friends who absolutely love their Notes / Note IIs. There will be people who will buy these and do so proudly. Frankly I look at my iPhone 5 vs my Z10 for work and actually enjoy the bigger screen size.

  • so we can all agree now… things have gotten out of hand?

  • Setak

    iPhad = the next iPhone – iPad mix for a 9.7” screen size !!!

  • I can’t wait to hold a 9.7-inch screen up to the side of my face. I would need new pants pockets first.

  • K3

    what happened to the pair of Kriss Kross? ????

  • haha. those are just wiggity wiggity wiggity wack, hiding in the closet

  • DC

    I have no problem with the size. However, they just look the same rrom size XS to XL. Please samsung, we’re buying smartphone, not buying T-shirt in Old Navy. Please make quality material phone like the new HTC one or at least change some thing in the shape. The SG series is now even boring than the iPhone, sigh~~~

  • WatDaPhuck

    Give them a break, there isn’t that many new products out, there’s nothing for them to copy.

  • i been using all iPhones since it’s beginning. and in the last four months i decided i wanted to try a different platform than IOS and i did it. i try HTC EVO 3D, SG S3, and BB Z10 ( without giving up my iPhone 5) and i realized that I’m still and Apple fan after all. but i thing that a little more screen would be good on a new iPhone.

  • WatDaPhuck

    The simplicity of iOS gets you hooked like crack, doesn’t it?

  • Apple offers superior customer support.. If you break your android device, you’re basically on your own mate

  • DC

    I have to agree, sigh~~~

  • Samsung galaxy mega are really having a big screen for the users. But this sometimes does not attract the users to buy this device as they will not be able to use these bigger screen devices and take care of it.

  • David

    I have the Note 2. I needed to change the way I used my phone after getting this. The big screen is really awesome, but it is a two handed phone. Once you get any bigger than the S3 you really need to change. Once you do, I see an easy transition to the larger phablets up to the point that it does not fit in your pocket.

    Pocket wise I only have one pair of pants that has a tough time with the Note 2 and they are very tight.