Tesla Solar Roof Pre-Orders Launch in Canada, Deployment “Hopefully” This Year: Elon Musk


Tesla announced orders for their solar roof today, which includes Canada. As for pricing, here’s what Tesla had to say on their blog:

Solar Roof is more affordable than conventional roofs because in most cases, it ultimately pays for itself by reducing or eliminating a home’s electricity bill. Consumer Reports estimates that a Solar Roof for an average size U.S. home would need to cost less than $24.50 per square foot to be cost competitive with a regular roof. The cost of Solar Roof is less. The typical homeowner can expect to pay $21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof, and benefit from a beautiful new roof that also increases the value of their home.

The company released a Tesla Solar Roof calculator for their American website, which puts Solar Roof and Non-Solar Tile at about double the cost of an asphalt roof, but less than a tile, metal or slate roof. If you factor in the ‘value of energy’, Tesla says their solar roof can be offset by energy produced by the tiles:

Solar roof price range

The calculator can be seen if you launch this link in an incognito browser tab. It asks users to enter in a U.S. address to predict the cost of the roof.

For a home in Bellingham, WA (to see a Pacific Northwest comparable near us), with 2500 of square footage and three stories, a Solar Roof is expected to cost $29,000 USD, plus a $7,000 Powerwall battery. In WA State, there’s a $9,000 tax credit. When this is coupled with the ‘value of energy’ at $14,700, a homeowner’s net cost for this setup, according to Tesla would $12,300 over 30 years.

Screenshot 2017 05 10 15 07 57

Those looking to order Tesla’s Solar Roof in Canada can plunk down $1,330 CAD deposit, a fully refundable payment until they enter into a purchase agreement, to reserve their spot from Tesla. Right now, only Textured and Smooth tiles are available, with Tuscan and Slate set for “coming in 2018”.

Solar roof blog hero

A Tesla Solar Roof is part of the company’s overall master plan, where a homeowner can be fully sustainable thanks to their roof generating energy and storing it in Tesla Powerwall batteries, which in turn can charge your Tesla and also power the home.

When will Tesla’s Solar Roof be deployed in Canada? CEO Elon Musk responded to a query about “Canada this year?” to say “will do our best. Hopefully, yes.”

Screenshot 2017 05 10 15 11 24

Tesla says Solar Roof will be deployed in the U.S. first, and overseas next year.

Who’s getting a Tesla Solar Roof? I can only imagine these prices will come down over time from Tesla.


  • Flash

    I think they will be disappointed with the interest in this product if they continue to assume the “average” roof is tile/slate. This product is 5x the cost of the average Canadian roof with traditional solar panels installed. This is a good product for your average $5mil house roof.

  • Moe

    7.5 times the cost of my new shingled roof? + The Wall. . . I was unable to cost out the Hydro but above its shown as $14,700 over 30 years or about $40 a month or about one third of my current required hydro each month including fees. I’m much better off going with roof top Solar and standard shingles as its less expensive to install and generates hydro.

  • FragilityG4

    And what about our Great White North winters with all that white stuff everywhere? Hmmm if I lived in Cali I guess it might be a good option.

  • Flash

    You need to read up on Canada’s solar potential, alberta has enough solar potential to compete with the likes of Brazil and Sydney. Winters are essentially a write off, we could produce all we need in the summer. Of course this is only useful for net metering and not off grid usage.

    We have significantly more solar potential than Germany.

  • FragilityG4

    Solar is great for an individual trying to save some money (or make it like here in Ontario) but it is not a viable alternative for current methods especially large scale due to its reliability.

  • Decodering

    There are so many large-scale deployments of solar pretty much around the planet that operate in different climates that the scalability argument is no longer true.

    What remains true is the reliability factor, if one understands that to mean that there have to be ways to store energy for times the sun isn’t shining and to manage energy when the amount of sun reaching the surface where the panels are isn’t at peak intensity. That’s why the Tesla roofs come with batteries to store the energy.

    Also, while it might seem like these kinds of initiatives don’t seem to change things much, each individual house that adds solar (or thermal or whatever) capacity means less burden on traditional electricity producers, especially during peak times of consumption. All of society benefits because there is less of a need to build more infrastructure to supply electricity to customers.

  • FragilityG4

    Unless you live in Ontario and see tax dollars burned away because of the likes of the green energy act. This act pays people four times the market value for wind and solar and guarantees them to be the first used power. When the grid has too much power it’s discounted and sold to Quebec or New York. A couple years ago it was a very windy weekend and the grid required very little power– Ontario lost four million dollars that weekend.
    Now I agree that we should stay clear of coal as its terrible for breathing air, but we can’t let these decisions on how to move away from it be overly influenced by Climate Extremists. Protect the future yes, but don’t bankrupt the present to do so. After all, AGW is only a theory.

  • Moe

    I guess I used the US costs as the CAN costs are not posted as yet but I saw the projected CAN material costs and they are in the $3,000.00 per Square or $30.00 per each sq. ft.

  • Decodering

    Ha ha! You play it straight really well.

  • Dehop

    Anytime I see “just/only a theory” I instinctively disregard the argument that used it as justification.

    AGW as scientific theory is not layman “theory” (i.e. a guess at worst, hypothesis at best). Scientific theory is based on the latest evidence and data we have at the time. As such it can change or be upended altogether as new evidence comes in. This is why continental drift theory was almost completely displaced by tectonic plate theory, but evolutionary theory remains solid despite new findings sometimes adjusting the geological timelines by millions of years (on the flipside, discovery of DNA greatly strengthened the theory), and gravitational theory remains solid as Einstein’s work was incorporated into Newton’s work.

    That said, the Ontario power sale arrangements to other provinces and the US, and the current provincial government, are idiotic beyond belief and I can’t wait to vote them out.

  • Dehop

    Where I live, the “delivery charge” sometimes costs me more than the power I actually use. Meaning you could generate 100% of the power you use but still have to pay a hydro bill.

  • FragilityG4

    And the science shows that AGW isn’t the impact it was once flaunted as. The ocean produces the most greenhouse gases, there’s only 0.04% carbon in the atmosphere the rest is mainly nitrogen and oxygen. The earths magnetic field is always fluctuating and over the past decade or so it has been fluctuating more frequently leading scientists to believe a polarity flip will happen soon. Other planets show signs of climate change. The polar caps are still here. Heat drives carbon.

    Even with a government change there seems to be very little movement on changing the green energy act. The only way would be to pay everyone out…

  • Olley

    instead of solar power, they need to invent power generated by liberals in California, give them coffee and a macbook in return, and maybe a poster saying HILLARY 2020 and they’ll be all happy.

  • Dave

    Saskatchewan has is actually the best province in the for solar becasue you have lots of cold but sunny days in the winter.

  • Jimbo

    Just to be clear, the only Ontario power that is sold to Quebec is from Cornwall because it’s on the Quebec grid. All the rest goes to the U.S.

  • jimbo

    I will wait a year to see where this goes. I’m very interested because my roof needs to be addressed in the next 5 years. Being in Ottawa, I’ll consider the winter as a no generate time. Very low slope roof that retains snow.

  • earthscientist

    You are completely ignorant about the science of human-caused climate disruption. I am one of the 97% of climate scientists who agree that the evidence for anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is overwhelming. You are filtering the information about climate that you base your opinion above on through your pre-existing belief that AGW isn’t a big deal.

    I encourage you to look at the scientific data objectively and carefully (as scientists do). A good source of information for the general public is:

  • FragilityG4

    That number of 97% of climate scientists is interesting. Truth is the 97% is taken from a panel of scientists known as the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) which is a UN created, governmentally funded panel with the sole purpose of backing the theory of Global Warming. Notice how I didn’t say Climate Change. These are two different things. Climate Change is happening and it has been happening since the beginning of time. Climate Change has NOTHING to do with humans. The climate has changed before humans, it is changing with humans and it will continue to change after humans. That is why there was an ice age… no humans there. That is why there was a Medieval warming period followed by a little ice age… no cars there. Now Global Warming (in the 70’s they called it Global cooling) is what people say people do and to think that we can impact the global climate in such a short space of time to the extreme the extremist are saying (Al Gore said in 2006 the polar caps will disappear in ten years) NOW that my friend is ignorant. The Earth is 4.5 BILLION years old. It’s seen it all, volcanoes, earthquakes, asteroids etc and it has survived. Remember the BP Oil spill? We were told it would take over a decade for it to be cleaned– gone in a year. Nature takes care of itself. The Earth will survive. There are so many variables when it comes to Climate Change but the one that has the greatest impact is NOT humans, but the sun. Solar activity changes the climate, other planets temperatures are rising as well. Back to Earth, our magnetic field has been experiencing erratic fluctuations other the past couple decades, and a polarity flip could be on the horizon. The magnetic field is responsible for deflecting solar wind which would otherwise super heat the Earth and rip away the ozone layer, the cause of Mars’ demise. As it fluctuates more solar wind reaches Earth and global temperatures rise. The sun and magnetic field have a far greater impact than man– It’s not even close. Now having said that, I have said it before and I stand by it– we need to make changes to keep our water clean, air breathable and world fresh. BUT we do not need to bankrupt the present, to attempt to save a possible future. Letting corporations and governments take our money in the almighty name of AGW is not only wrong, but down right stupid. Both care little about the environment compared to their wallets.