25% Off Skype=Call Unlimited in Canada/USA for $2/month!


Guess what? If you haven’t heard the news, you CAN download Skype in Canada for your iPhone (all it takes is a free US iTunes account). You can also set it up to make calls over 3G using your data plan.

Also, for those who talk long distance, you can also subscribe to Skype’s paid calling services, which are now 25% off on 12 month subscriptions until May 6th, 2009.


So that means instead of paying $2.95US for unlimited calling to Canada/USA, it now works out to $2.21/month ($26.55 for the year, or 7 CENTS/day!) after the 25% discount! Now this is a deal that has gotten even sweeter!

I just used Skype to call my grandma and it was great. No longer will I have to accept the Rogers long distance rate of 35 cents/minute, when I can now literally talk for pennies/day! πŸ™‚

Click here to visit, as this discount expires on May 6th! Enjoy the savings! πŸ™‚


  • izzy

    I’m using it now over rogers on my 6 gig plan but I’m getting a lot of complaints on the other side about call quality an that there is too much bass in my voice, this is regardless of wifi or 3g. Are you experiencing any of that? Also can rogers find out what we are doing? Thanks!!

  • Dude

    Yeah – Skype is pretty good over 3G. My friends do not notice any lag and neither do I.

    I have still not updated my Skype & am running the original. Anyone having problems with the new version on 3G??

  • Al

    Hi guys is it possible to subscribe to skype for a month? I want to try out the service before

  • Dusty

    Sounds like some good deals. Better jump on them quick though! πŸ˜‰

  • teddyx

    Yea skype is amazing… im still running the original i havn’t updated because i heard of alot of problems. but the skype over 3G here in ontario is pretty damn good, even while driving ive had a 25minute skype call from work home without any drops woot rogers? maybe? for once? i dummed down my voice plan to just basically unlimited incomming and then i use skype to call people my plan with my 6GB 30$ data plan, pay 87.95$/month better than the $100+ i was paying for the long distance.. if somebody calls me longdistance i just ask if i can call them back and call them on skype

  • I used Skype last week from wifi at a Starbucks in Mexico and the clarity was amazing, I couldn’t tell I was using Skype at all!! Good bye long distance, good bye roaming.

  • I would say 90% of my Skype calls have been excellent. However, I have had the odd time where I’ve had to hang up and call again. Maybe try blowing into your mic to clear dust?

  • Yes…just purchase one of their prepaid plans. It’ll last you for a while…

  • haha…nice! Yes, it’s a liberating feeling to use an VoIP when you’re traveling! πŸ˜‰

  • I am also running the original, as it’s worked flawlessly. I hear the new updated version works fine, but I’ll let you know when I update! πŸ˜‰

  • Mars

    I’m from Ottawa. Is your Iphone unlocked? My phone hasn’t been tampered with and I’m still unsure about Skype. Any help would be appreciated…

  • Follow the links to the guides in the post above. You will need to jailbreak first, then after that install Skype and VoIPover3G. Read up and it’ll all make sense. You’ll save boatloads by avoiding network long distance charges!

  • generalinq

    with the $2 a month plan for NA can I be at any wifi in the world and call NA unlimited?

  • Yes, that’s what I did, I was in Mexico and I called home to NA using my $2.95 NA plan.

  • Whoops should have pre-read that, yes Mexico is in North America, hahaha πŸ™‚

  • Ron Manke

    It would be nice if the original poster told people that your phone had to be jailbroken to use 3G functionality.

    I’m still not willing to jailbreak my phone yet.

  • generalinq


    If you follow the links and read the info properly it tells you how in detail.

  • Ron Manke

    I did HAVE to read the links to determine it was for jailbroken phones!

    A person shouldn’t have to “research” an article just to find out it is not applicable to them… this is something that people should know is an important fact for an article.

    It just saves a lot of people time… and is a matter of courtesy.

  • Brian

    Hey this set of posts is getting confusing…just so everyone knows: YOU DO NOT NEED TO JAILBREAK YOUR IPHONE TO GET SKYPE. It is available in the app store. Peace.

  • RTE

    Hello everyone…
    I’ve been using Skype on my iphone and something weird happened to me the other day. During a skype call, my phone rang and disconnected the skype application.
    Also, when I receive a txt message, the sound rings extremely loud in the speaker during a skype call, and the listener on the other end can hear it.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Also, I’m not sure if I want to jailbrake my phone or not, any feedback pros/cons?