Change Your iPhone’s Carrier Logo Without Any Jailbreak [VIDEO]


While there are tons of Cydia tweaks that let you modify or replace your iPhone’s carrier logo, a new Mac application developed by Kevin Ko (@uhelios) and Daniel Levi (@Pix3lDemon) called CarrierEditor lets you do this without jailbreaking your device, as pointed out by AppAdvice. Simply follow the steps given below to change your iPhone’s carrier logo (a video tutorial is also embedded at the end):

Screen Shot 2012 12 30 at 6 32 15 AM

Step 1:

Download CarrierEditor for your Mac.

Step 2:

Now extract the downloaded file and copy CarrierEditor to your Applications folder. Also, copy the “Zeppelin Logos” folder to your desktop.

Step 3:

Launch CarrierEditor, then click on “Let’s Get Started”, enter your device’s carrier version number and click “Next.” (Go into the iPhone’s Settings > General > About to locate your carrier’s version)

Screen Shot 2012 12 30 at 6 32 24 AM

Step 4:

Now select your device and carrier on the next screen and click “Next.” 

Screen Shot 2012 12 30 at 2 12 50 PM

Step 5:

On to the “Customization” screen, pick your custom carrier logo and drag the image files into the appropriate boxes. Next, click on “Compile Carrier Update (.ipcc).”

IMG 3200

Step 6:

Finally, open iTunes after connecting your iOS device with its USB cable and click on “Restore” while holding down the “alt / option” key. Navigate to the “.ipcc” file created earlier that does not include the word “original” in its name. iTunes will show you “Updating carrier settings” box. Once done, reboot your device and you should see your new carrier logo appear at the top.

That’s it. Enjoy!

If you run into any issue, feel free to discuss it with the community by posting in the comments section below!


  • Greg

    this does not work for me, I receive no error messages and everything appears to work fine but my carrier does not change even after reboot. I am on Fido. Are there any restrictions regarding modem firmware versions?

  • Vic Kukulak

    Koodo Here, not working

  • fab830

    Any windows support ?

  • Not yet!

  • jason

    This seems dumb, what is really the benefit?

  • More of a cosmetic tweak, that’s all.

  • thomasrobinson1

    fido not working 🙁

  • I can’t get Fido to work either. I’ve email the dev with some specific info, hopefully we’ll hear from him soon.

  • Wstoneman

    Works for Bell

  • Wstoneman

    Has anyone noticed that the signal bars are full all the time? I dont think its displaying properly.

  • ColinWh

    Rogers is as well not working.

    Also, here is a Windows version:

  • Scottgee

    Telus iphone 5 working… did it twice with two different logos.

  • Greg

    is the fido issue going to be addressed?