Creating & Sharing Slo-Mo Videos With Your iPhone 5s



One of the great new features of the iPhone 5s is the ability to shoot slow motion video at 120 frames per second. There are of course other apps you can buy that allow you to shoot slo-mo video, but Apple makes it a lot easier by incorporating it right into your camera app.

To shoot slow motion video all you have to do is open the camera on your iPhone 5s, select slo-mo, and start recording. When you’re done, a section of the video will be preselected for you and slowed down. Don’t worry, it’s easy to adjust where you want the slo-mo to start and end. Just tap and drag to set the in and out points, and that’s it.

Here’s my video demonstration on just how easy it is to start shooting slo-mo video. I also go through sharing your videos, which I’ll also touch on when you’re done watching.

So As I mentioned in the video, sharing your creations is buggy. While you can upload the slo-mo videos to YouTube or Facebook easily, those are currently the only two ways to share the videos in full HD quality. Sending them via e-mail or iMessage will compress the video and lower the quality. Unfortunately when you try to transfer your videos into iPhoto, iMovie or Final Cut, you lose the slo-mo effect. The programs can support slow motion, because if you email yourself the video and then import it, the slo-mo effect works. Why you can’t directly import the full quality video onto your computer right now is a mystery to me, and hopefully Apple addresses this soon.

Besides the sharing frustrations, using the slo-mo feature on the iPhone 5s is a lot of fun. Doing a quick search on YouTube you can find a lot of cool examples of it in use. If you have an iPhone 5s let us know if you’re enjoying the slo-mo feature.




  • Drkpassengr

    I created a video then send it to my iPad via iMessage and from there saved it to the camera roll and exported to iMovie to edit, works fine and didn’t really notice a big loss in quality, would be nice though if apple added more sharing options like instagram and a better way to export the raw slow-mo file without all the workarounds.

  • Ron Miller

    Are you sure that the full quality videos are not importing into iPhoto? I thought that the videos imported into iPhoto were the full quality 720p 120fps videos. What is missing in the import are the attributes to mark the slow-motion sections. What the iPhone does when sharing the videos is to convert the 120fps video into 30fps video. For the full speed sections, this means removing 3/4 of the frames. For the slow motion, all of the frames are left in resulting in the 4x slow down.

  • thebruce0

    Reading the video directly via USB to PC, the 120fps 720p file exists as is, but without the markers for slow motion.
    I used the SloPro app to manually slow down the video to 1/4 speed, and its exported video is still 720p but now proper 30fps. No dynamic high/low speed switching in playback, but that will get you a (re-rendered) full export of the slow motion video.

  • Scott

    With iMessage running on my iMac I can send myself a Slow Mo video then drag it to the Desktop on the Mac and Import it to iPhoto in Slow Mo

  • cyberdeath

    I upload the video to youtube at HD quality from my iphone then download it back to my computer and import it into Picassa or Aperture. This keeps my slow motion sections.

  • William Wu

    You should check out the free TruSloMo app. In 1-click, it lets you use those slo-mo videos in iPhoto, iMovie, etc. without losing the slo-mo effect.

    (Full disclosure: I made this app. I was frustrated I couldn’t do this out of the box.)