How Much, is Too Much?


There has always been this quest to get more stuff on your iPhone screens. As more and more great apps are released, we need more and more room to keep them on our iPhones. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you probably know about all the tweaks to change how much fits on your screen. But how much, is too much?

For me, it started off with the “Five Icon Dock”. This was nice. I was able to keep my Messagess, Phone, iPod, Safari, and Mail, all in one place, and access them no matter what screen I was on. But that was just the “gateway” tweak. Then I discovered “Fivelrows”, which gives you a fifth row of icons. After that, it was “Five Column Springboard”, which added a fifth column of icons.

Now, today, I discovered “Six Icon Dock”. I think I need help! How much further can this go?! “Sixelrows”?, “Six Column Springboard”?!! I seriously cannot see my wallpaper anymore! Is there some kind of support  group I can join?

I have tried using “Categories” to clear up some room, but that was just like chewing that nicotine gum to quit smoking: it curbed the craving a bit, but I just could not break the habit. My screen just kept filling up!!


Does anyone else have this problem? Is there some where we can get help?

Hi, my name is Mike, and i am an icon-aholic.

If you can see it in your heart to help this cause, please visit my blog, Green Candy, and follow me on Twitter: @rorypiper. Only with your help, can we fight this addiction.


  • racky

    lol I actually kinda like that

  • Voluntondile


    But no really, you're sick. Go find help… like professional help.

  • I think “too much” is when your icons are too tightly pushed that they look kind of silly, such as that 6 icon dock.

    What we need is an app that reduces the size of the icons, then you fit maybe 10 rows and 10 columns! w00t!

  • djelimon

    See I wouldn't do that until I had used up the factory desktop

  • Dusty

    More, More, MORE!!!!! Mwhahaha

    I prefer 5 icon dock but 6 is passable :P.

  • Oi. FCSB developer here reporting in from Trois-Rivières, Québec.

    FCSB's been around for longer than FiveIRows; FiveIRows is based on FCSB's source code. I'm guessing your chronology goes by when you discovered it, and not when the extension was released. :/

    The original purpose of FCSB was for aesthetic purposes when used with themes that have smaller icons, such as Pump 2, Soda, or Matte Nano. The small icon themes were nice, but lots of blank space was being wasted; hence why FCSB was created. It wasn't made with the intention of allowing users to have more apps on their device; for all I care, if you have over three pages of apps, you need to re-evaluate what you actually use, and what you can take off from your device.

    I was working on a followup extension to FCSB called Iconoclasm, which gives anyone the freedom to arrange icons however they like on their home screens, even allowing them to get away from the whole row/column concept and simply place icons wherever on the screen. Sadly, iTunes 9's SpringBoard page arrangement is worrying me because I have no idea how it will deal with non-standard SpringBoard home screen layouts, and if it will keep people like myself from developing these extensions.

  • Dusty

    It would be sweet to be able to re-arrange icons any way you want! I remember reading about this a while back…
    Here's a video clip
    Too bad like you said with iTunes 9 that it does not work with 5/6 icon dock or springboard. Apple has to be a big party pooper!

    I know MAC has a program on PC that allows you to arrange icons on the iPhone and hopefully will be made for Windows soon!

  • kerv

    I totally understand this pain of wondering what I should do with all these apps!? I mean, what was apple thinking? Even with their default setup, sans 5icon rows or dock, they had to be thinking about alternatives to arranging pages of apps around. Who knows..maybe there will be a solution in firmware 3.2?

  • rorypiper

    Hey Yanik! I meant no offence. I've been using FCSB for a while, and will continue to use it. Great job! Personally, I think six is getting a bit silly.

    I very interested in “Iconoclasm”. That would truly make our home screens our own.

  • Eight icons in the dock plus skinny fingertips = nirvana

  • Gi-Co

    Gi-lo uphere. Im the dev of FiveIRows and SixIconsDock. And as Sakurina said,it goes well with small Icons.
    Take a look at this screenshot.

    I think it looks awesome. Using it myself now.

    Cheers Gi-lo

  • Jorelle

    Five Icon Dock + Five Column = goodie. 6 Icon Dock makes them look awful and the fifth row also makes it look awful due to bluring past the page dots.

  • Dusty

    From that screen shot, I think it looks good with small icons and 6 icon dock.

    Great job Gi-lo!

  • rorypiper

    Yeah. Looks great, with the right theme!

  • Dusty

    Check out 7x7SpringBoard, yikes! :/ Download in Cydia.

    It looks good with small icons but big icons, its a mess!

  • Voluntondile

    Thankfully, a 7 by 7 springboard extension has arrived today.

    What's that, 57 icons on one page? Good lord.

  • If you guys have 57 icons on a page, i would love to see some screenshots, haha.

  • Voluntondile

    Thankfully, a 7 by 7 springboard extension has arrived today.

    What's that, 57 icons on one page? Good lord.

  • If you guys have 57 icons on a page, i would love to see some screenshots, haha.