How to Fix the Rogers 3G Date & Time Error


A few days ago I woke up, picked my iPhone up from beside my bed and checked my email (don’t lie, I know YOU do this too, haha). What I saw made me feel like I was still sleeping–the timestamps within Mail and World Clock were wrong!

At this point in time I immediately assumed it was a Rogers 3G network error or possibly Gmail. After asking a few of my friends with iPhones, and receiving some tips from you guys out there (thanks Dan!), there is an easy fix to this.

I’ve also been experiencing the sudden loss of 3G in areas that normally get excellent reception. I would be baffled as to why the “E” would appear in the corner instead of the “3G”. Rogers must be either testing their 3G networks, or maybe they are exceeding capacity in Vancouver.

How to Fix the Rogers 3G Time/Date Error

1. Go to Settings–>General–>Date & Time–>toggle Set Automatically to OFF
2. Time Zone–>Vancouver; Set the real time (or whatever the “time” is in your fantasy world).


3. Turn off 3G (if you desperately need the correct date and time.


Are you experiencing any Date & Time issues with your iPhone on Rogers/Fido? I’d love to hear how many people this is affecting. Time to call into Rogers and let them know?


  • Dan B

    Thanks for the post! Glad to contribute! There are 14 people in our office that are experiencing the same issues.

  • Wow, this seems a bit more widespread than I thought. Let’s hope Rogers fixes this soon, because having the date/time synced to the network is my preference for accuracy (not in this case though!). 🙂

  • Yup, I had the exact same issue for the past couple days. It was ultra frustrating as was not showing me the bus times, causing me to miss a bus because I couldn’t remember its usual time of arrival. Lamesauce! It seems to have fixed itself now, after I did the above, however it took disconnecting/rejoining the 3G network for it to be fixed (as shown in the steps above). I just happened to do it by accident. 😛 😉

  • bc

    I’ve not noticed any clock problems (yet) – BUT… last few days I’ve had terrible 3G connection from my home, now almost constantly getting an “E” when I’d never fail to get 3G signal before from home.. and sometimes I don’t even get the E but rather no connection at all ! I’m wondering what Rogers has been mucking about with. it’s very annoying, but at least I’m glad to hear it’s not just me 😛

  • Kevin Haggerty

    Happened to me in Ottawa the other night – time showing on my phone was about 45 minutes fast! I’ve had issues with reminders from the calendar due to time issues so I had auto time sync turned off for a while. Figured I’d give it another go but apparently that wasn’t a good idea.

  • Bryan Hughes

    Exact same problem here. The clock at the top of the screen always displayed the correct time, but I noticed the problem in Tweetie when the timestamp on the tweets in my Twitter timeline were off by about 8 hours. Strange.

  • Derek Carrol

    I have experienced the same issues. I’m from Hamilton Ontario and my 3G service has been pretty poor recently. My time and date have been wrong multiple times during the day. The way I have corrected it was to turn Airplane Mode on then off again. I’m going to try the method posted here and see how it works for me. Thanks guys!

  • Ryan Wilson

    I actually just got my iPhone replaced because of this, just send back my old one. Was told by Rogers to try all these settings, and still sometimes got “No Service” in the middle of the street, I’m surprised they didn’t tell me they were just testing the network or whatever they were doing, although I’m not complaining, I got a brand new iPhone out of it 🙂

  • Glen Lalonde

    Same issue here in pickering ontario. Assumed it was just a bad cell tower, guess it’s a bigger issue than that. I had the same solution as posted here though.

  • Dusty

    Thanks for the How To.

  • Luc-Olivier Dumais Blais

    I have the same problem on my iPhone 2G on rogers in Trois-Rivières QC. It’s weird:S

  • Chris

    Try a hard reset via holding the home button and the power off button at the same time until the apple logo reappears. I believe this issue is related to 3G network connection which the hard reset resets.

    BTW, any iPhone received after sending in your old one due to tech issues is most likely a refurb.

  • Ryoh A

    I was having pretty crappy 3G speeds and connections yesterday. Not to mention the time issue. Twitter had the times all over the place and my iTV app was telling me that it was General Hospital showing last night and not Castle. Confused the heck out of me…

  • been experiencing both these issues in and around Vancouver lately. date and time was a simple fix – just turned off automatic. the 3G thing, however, is weird. i was on robson yesterday and my phone was on Edge almost the entire time. what the hell eh? anyhow good to know that its not just my phone, must be rogers messing around. thanks for the post 🙂

  • Dude

    Same issue in London Ontario. I am keeping it in manual mode for now. I have also had “No Service” as well as data not working once….

    Rogers must be up to no good as usual 😉

  • rayray14

    Windsor, ON: I have 5 confirmed cases in our office with the iPhone 3G and 2 confirmed cases with the 1st gen model. I haven’t had issues since switching to manual time.

  • ChantelleJoy

    Wow, I thought this was just me! I thought the clock got fubar’d from my trip to another time zone last weekend, I noticed the clock was way wrong (and very concerning as I use my iPhone (2G) as my Alarm Clock for work!), off by hours! I figured out the fix already, but thanks for posting. Amazed that it’s probably a big, huge issue.

  • All iPhone users I know in Kelowna BC are experiencing the same problem too. Called Rogers and they had no idea what I was talking about. Made me jump through flaming hoops trying different settings, which didn’t help. They refused to admit that they were aware of any problems at all. Rogers==FAIL.

  • Mike

    Had the same problem with my clock last week in Waterloo. It went back to normal by the next day though.

  • TK

    Was also finding this time problem in Kelowna B.C. as of last friday…

    As for the Edge issue; all day long today… even had 5 dropped calls since friday – maybe the new iPhone will be launched the day of the WWDC reveal.

  • Wow, sounds like this issue is nationwide, coast to coast! This Rogers Date&Time error is like the new Swine Flu! Watch out!! 😉

  • I’ve also had trouble getting a 3G signal, off and on for the last few days. And my phone keeps giving me reminders for events that already happened—presumably because of the time/date issue. It’s getting pretty frustrating.

  • Brian

    Funny… I’ve had no such problem.
    1. My Date & Time Set Automatically is “On”
    2. I live in Vancouver
    3. I’m on Fido (which is essentially Rogers…)
    4. My 3G is usually turned off so I’m on Edge
    5. I don’t have a data plan

    My time hasn’t been an issue at all for me (at least I haven’t noticed it). AND I do wake up and check email like you do Gary, you got me 😉

  • Ali

    i actually never had the time issue but my phone just goes to no network in the middle of the street or even when im sitting on my couch watching tv, like i dont even move. I called it in and they told me to do a hard reset, which i did and well it happened again like 10 minutes later. its so annoying cause when people call you it goes straight to the answering machine.
    Damn you rogers

  • Neil

    I have all kinds of issues lately with my I Phone.
    Phone is making calls at random when its in my pocket,locked.
    Wrong time and date.
    Playing MP3’s at random.
    At least Rogers gave me a credit on my bill for the random calls,127 bucks when I was in the US recently.
    I have done the re-boot deal with the techy a couple of times and the phone is still screwed up.
    They are now sending me a new I-Phone.
    Let see what problems this brings!!!!!!!!!
    Not too excited with Rogers and the phone right now.

  • Daver

    Same problems as above and I’m in Niagara area. Terrible 3G coverage lately as well as incorrect date and time.

  • Ray

    I called Rogers and it is an network problem. When my iPhone was on an EDGE network and I had the time to automatically set, it would set about 45 minutes earlier and the date would be the day before. When I was on a 3G network, the time and date synced perfectly. I was manually setting this and Roger said they were working on the problem. I checked it yesterday and the problem seems to have been fixed. I know have the correct time and date on both EDGE and 3G networks. Let’s see how long this lasts.

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  • Shane

    Same problem in London (ON). My date was 24 hrs behind (as others have mentioned)!!! Really lagged… I’m on Rogers

    What I did:

    1)Resetting (holding power + home) — didn’t fix it
    2)Powered off the device — didn’t fix it.
    3)Manual time mode — not a fan of it, as it is annoying to adjust if you fly to a different time zone.
    4)Popped out the SIM card and put it back in — seems to have fixed it (for now anyway). Not sure why this would have done anything, but it seems to be resolved. Perhaps it is coincidental?

    Haven’t had any date issues for about a week or so.

  • Kevin’s Friend

    My friend Kevin noticed this too. Is has chronic OCD, and its freaking him out!
    I suggested that he get a watch, but that’s way too easy for him.

  • Kevin’s Friend

    This is driving my friend Kevin crazy. He is a high functioning retart with moderate OCD, and this is way too much for him to handle.

  • Richard Smith

    I have had to keep “update time automatically” turned off for ages in Vancouver. Even before I had an iPhone. Rogers/Fido at one time had the clocks set for GMT +8 instead of -8 (so you had the right hour but if you traveled back and forth to Europe you got all sorts of weirdness).

    Recently the clocks worked downtown but not on the sunshine coast/Horseshoe bay – resulting in the clock changing time as I went back and forth to home each day.

    Enough is enough. I leave it off.


  • Tina

    It’s happening to a lot of folks in our office as well. I called Rogers and they’re saying it’s a SWITCH issue on their end… ETA on resolution

  • I’m not having any problems with the time, but everytime I pull out my phone after it has been sleeping for a while, it loses it’s 3G signal. It shows full bars but the 3G is missing, if I try to access the internet it says it can’t find an internet connection. I then have to go into settings and toggle 3G on and off to fix it. What a pain!!!

  • josh

    Here in Kitchener Ontario time and date is all effed up

  • So far I’ve had no time issues on my iPhone 3G on Rogers Wireless. I am located in Calgary, AB.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the tips, your website is a great resource for us canadians.

    Please visit my website for regular reviews of iPhone apps, themes, and tweaks.


  • Dan

    Definitely a problem across Ontario. I’m in the Niagara Region and have the same problem!

  • Jean Richer

    Same thing here in Ottawa. After an appointment, which I knew was longer than it should have been, I got in my car heading off to my next client, I looked at my iPhone (Fido) and it was 45 minutes ahead.

    After my mini-heart attack, speeding, a few rolling stop signs, then calling ahead to my client telling him I was running late, I looked at the clock on the radio and I was going to be on time…… Wow, my client though I had lost it … and so did I!

    I turned off the Auto Synch, but I prefer to have it on.

    3G seems to be okay here, but it does flip from Rogers to Fido regularly, not sure why…..

    Jean Richer

  • J j

    Windsor here. Messed u time for me too. 45 minutes fast seems about right. Hope they fix it soon.

  • jota

    it’s still failing…… I’ve just installed cydia one week ago. maybe is that the reason? or change the iphone theme?

  • Vlad Puscas

    Same problem here on Rogers… I’m just at Apple and found out I missed my appointment by an hour LOL

    I wonder if anybody missed their interview or exam because of this…

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  • D

    I had the same experience. I missed my doctor’s appointment because I chose to trust the time on my iPhone (operating by Fido) rather than the clock on my microwave….which turn out to be a disaster.