How To: Return the Delete Key to the ‘Back Button’ in Safari 6


I’m not sure how many of our readers still use native Safari on our Macs, but chances are Safari 6 pushed away more users than what was gained. The update removed the ability to use the Delete key to navigate back a single page.

Rather than the Delete key, navigating webpages is completed through command. Many users found this new navigation method slower, and overall unusual.

So if you still want the Delete key function while enjoying the features of Safari 6, we will show you how. Just follow the instructions below: (via OS X Daily)

1. Close the Safari application

2. Launch the Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and enter the following defaults command onto a single line:

defaults write -bool YES

3. Restart Safari, and the Delete key functionality should have returned

If for some reason the Delete key still doesn’t work, try the command once again. There may be a chance it was typed in incorrectly. If, or when you want revert back to the typical Safari 6 Delete key function, open up the Terminal and enter the following code:

defaults write -bool NO

Will you be trying out this trick? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Cndnsd

    Can the icon designer at Apple PLEASE fix that poor excuse for a loop at the top of the compass?!?! There’s gotta be a better – bolder – expression of how to interpret it. So weak.

  • wleephoto

    i will be trying this thanks! also, is there any way to get rid of the tabs being stretched to fill the entire space along the top?

  • Lee

    Seriously, THIS is what you complain about?!?

  • LOL it’s all about the details!

  • barry

    Thanks for the help and fix, Ryan. Much appreciated.

  • Dick Lundberg

    it doesn’t work.

  • Anon

    Thanks!! This fixed it – that was starting to drive me nuts!

  • lunebe

    Thanks, Just did that in Safari 7 and worked