Put Unlimited Apps Inside The Newsstand Folder Without Any Jailbreak [Tutorial]


A neat trick shared by the folks over at iDB shows how you can use the Newsstand folder for placing unlimited number of apps inside, in addition to your news and magazine subscriptions. The trick needs a little bit of practice and once you get it right, you’ll have a scrollable Newsstand folder that can accommodate unlimited number of apps.


The trick works on iOS 6 devices, without requiring any jailbreak. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:

Move the Newsstand folder to the second page of your Homescreen.

Step 2:

Now place the apps you want to put inside the Newsstand on the third page of your Homescreen.

Step 3:

Press the Home button and quickly tap and hold on the app that you wish to move. When the Homescreen moves to the first page, release your hold on the screen and go back to the second page.

Step 4:

If your timing was right, you should be in wiggle mode. Now tap on the Newsstand folder to open it, and then press the Home button once to close it.

Step 5:

You should now see the app moved into the Newsstand folder. If it doesn’t work, try again and you’ll eventually get it right.

That’s it. Enjoy!

Here’s a video walkthrough of the trick as well:


  • Gumballz

    Great tip! However found that once an app is moved into the stand it can not be moved out. Is there a tip for that?

  • Reboot and they will be restored

  • Does this work for “apps” that’s arent apps? i.e. links?

  • I got one to work and then found it wouldn’t let me leave to page to surf to newsstand so I moved newsstand to same page with success in importing apps

  • collin

    hold the app and righ before it goes into “jiggle Mode” hit the home button

  • Apple User

    It won’t work for me, btw I’m using iphone 5

  • Preston

    NOT FOR THOSE WITH JAILBROKEN DEVICES. It took me about 20 minutes to get all of my news apps into the stand (I had 4) and right after that I installed a tweak which required a respring, and not only did all of the apps that I moved into the stand end up back on my springboard but EVERY app that was in a folder was moved onto the springboard. I was so frustrated, I didn’t even bother trying to put them all back.