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  • Hello my fellow Canadian iPhone owners. Here are two icons I would like to share: A canadian Weather icon, and a Canadian Maps icon. Both are Apple original icons… with a twist. Enjoy!

  • iPhone Fan

    Awesome…thanks for posting this! I’m sure everyone will appreciate them! 🙂

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  • dev0ved

    Great info! I too was going to buy an iTouch then decided to spend the extra to get the iPhone. My only complaints about the phone are:

    The iPhone in all its power and glory will not read your simcars’s contact list. So you if you do not have your contact #’s saved somewhere… you are s.o.l. like I was.

    I cannot text/dail while friving any more haha. I find it too distracting having to look at the phone. I used to do it by touch. Maybe this is a good thing actually ahah


  • andytailo

    hey guys,
    i got a problem of call display but i don’t know how to fix it,
    people in some web site said it should be work with canadian SIM card,
    and i am using ROGERS, it does not show up even i save the phone number as 1 (403) XXX-XXXX………. and there is no canada in the list of “iworld”……….

    someone plz help…. = =”

  • xxx

    Hi, I was wondering what the big deal about firmware is. Im about to buy an iphone but im scared that it’d be bricked. Like whats with the 1.1.3. Im guessing I’d get the 1.1.2, but if i connected it to iTunes sometime, would it upgrade this “firmware” to 1.1.3 andit’d be bricked? Someoone get back to me soon, Thanks.

  • iPhone Fan
  • Hi all, I got the stealth sim but when i put it in I get invalid sim in the top left corner.Can anybody help please, please, please,I love this machine but am getting fed up.

  • kris

    Rogers Unlimited Data Not Really Un-limited

    The evil empire(Rogers), has decided to unveil new unlimited data plans to all their loyal users…….
    As long as you browse Rogers pre-approved sites, on the device associated with the sim card your using…..

    Rogers has now updated the information page for the new unlimited on-device mobile internet access plan which will cost $7/month if ordered separately (outside of packs). In disappointing news:

    Plan is available on select phones only (PDAs such as Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, PC cards and non-Rogers certified devices are not eligible). Data usage incurred on ineligible devices, incurred while tethering (using device as wireless modem for laptop) or incurred using non-Rogers (3rd party) applications like Google Maps downloaded to your device will be subject to pay-per-use charges of 5 cents/KB.

    Sorry folks, have to stick to Wifi

  • Paul

    Hi, I am Canadian and just bought a 16Gb iphone in US ( just in the store the day i was there) No trouble buying it at all.

    I saw all the new info at “How to Unlock OTB 1.1.2, 1.1.3 iPhones!” I am assuming it applies to my phone based on the image it shows when I plug it into my Mac.

    I have a few unanswered questions.

    1)How can I check my firmware version, the serial numbers were way different than on this website.

    2)I currently have a cell phone number with Telus, do I need to set up an account with Rogers before I unlock this phone?

    3)I presume I need to buy a Rogers SIM card, where does one get one of those?

    4)I have seem some sites which show some people clipping the corner SIM card ( for ealier firmware unlock). Will I need to do that too?

    5)On the unlock page it says to “Download the following two files to your computer if you haven’t already: 1.1.1 firmware and 1.1.2 firmware”. The links don’t work – I can’t find an Apple page that has those downloads. Am I right to think you can’t download those until you are in the middle of getting you phone into Recovery mode?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Marc Murray

    1.0.2 worked great, I lost the Installer icon and, after a couple searches and an apptap download, my iPhone is now displaying “connect to itunes’. It then says the phone is in recovery mode (I guess it’s drunk) and needs updating.


  • Tyler

    how do you add those icons that are at the top?

  • iPhone Fan

    What icons?

  • Tom

    Hey great site, just stumbled upon it today. I’m planning to buy an iphone in New York (just arrived here too) and was suspicious about how to unlock the damn thing so it works back in toronto. After browsing your site I have decided to buy an iphone and attempt to unlock it..hopefully I don;t screw it up.

    Will post again to tell you guys if it works

    Once again thanks for the site!!

  • iPhone Fan

    Thanks for visiting. Let us know how it goes! 🙂

  • tom

    plan to buy it today..I just have one more question after browsing the site a little more, if the iphone version is 1.1.3 it can still be unlocked right? I see alot of posts saying that you should make sure to get a 1.1.2 just wondering what version should i try to get?

  • G-Diz

    Hi there, great site by the way.

    I’m a Brit moving to Canada in the next few months and bringing my iPhone with me. I’m having it unlocked at the moment but am totally confused as to which carrier and data plan would be best.

    I know the only GSM networks are Rogers owned but was wondering if anyone had any tips as to an appropriate data plan. I’m not a heavy used of EDGE and tend to do most of my browsing when I’m in a wireless WI-FI network. However I do check my email quite a bit.

    Any advice most gratefully received.

  • julz


    i just bought my iphone here in canada (black market) and the seller told me i have 1.1.3 version. i have been having problems with the phone ‘freezing’.. once when i was picking up a wirless signal from a hotel and the most recent was when i was trying to play a podcast (38 min long). the first time i had to wait for the battery to be consumed, then i was able to restart the phone. i wonder if there is another way to do this?


  • stefokebec

    >3) I presume I need to buy a Rogers SIM card, where does one get one of those?

    At your local pet store of course!…

  • stefokebec

    Start with a prepaid plan. I bought a 100$ card for my iPhone. It’s valid for a year. Enough time to see what my real needs will be (it’s my first cellular phone). Cheap too. I barely use 10$ a month.
    No Edge though. But when you live in the city, you can rely on WI-FI.

    Welcome to Canada!

  • stefokebec

    I would restore the firmware to 1.1.3 in iTunes. Did you try to turn it off by holding the power button? Try iNdependence to unfreeze it.
    Good luck

  • stefokebec

    You need to get into your iPhone, open the application’s folder/package, and replace the icon file.

  • stefokebec

    Download iNdependence. It will get you out of recovery mode. And more.

  • stefokebec

    Why would you need the Stealth SIM ? Update to 1.1.3, unlock with ZiPhione, and use your regular SIM.

  • stefokebec

    If you’re moving to Quebec, You’ll be able to choose from 3 carriers: Rogers/Fido and Videotron.

  • G-Diz

    Thanks very much.

  • G-Diz

    Thank you.

  • purushotham


    i have problem with sms in my iphone 8gb 1.0.2 version. when i touch sms icon it will open and closes again.

    any one please help me how I have to fix this problem.

    Dr purushotham

  • John

    Hi People,
    I am currently a blackberry user. I just bought my first iphone. I have rogers blackberry data plan. I want to use my BB during the week for work and switch to my IP for the weekend. Any thoughts on this?

  • chris

    i just got my iphone today and it is a 1.1.3 version,( unlocked and jailbroken according to the person that sold it to me) now i want to put songs on my fone but i’m scared to sync it with itunes just for the reason of it bricking.

    thanx a lot in advance!

  • Marc

    you’re fine to sync it, but don’t update or restore….just sync.

  • stefokebec

    Syncing music in iTunes never bricked a phone! Is your phone activated? If not, you’ll need ZiPhone or iNdependance to activate it before you can sync it.

  • chris

    Thanx a lot

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  • Midna

    I have the same problem. Is there any way to fix this? I just got the iPhone for my bday and I’m really hoping to use the sms app soon.

  • geo

    try something called:
    the program that transfers contacts from the SIM to the phone is called SIMport. it is in iClarified’s source.

  • John

    Hey everything works on my 1.1.3. otb but my locate me in google maps? The wheel just keeps on spinning…Any suggestions?

  • Mary-Ellen

    how do you uninstall bsd subsystem…only reinstall option…help??

  • Leigh

    Hey just wondering with Rogers new 50% off deal for jsut about all of their phones if their trying to get rid of some stock before they release the IPhone?? just a thought..

  • Claudio

    Hey all! I was just wondering I haven’t really seen any review or anything about Dev Teams iPlus jailbreak/unlocking program. I heard it’s a really safe program to use because I am debating on updating my iPhone to Firmware 1.1.4 and iPlus seems to do the job very well. I also read up that it makes your phone “brick-safe”
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Jesse

    I am trying to find the app “Volume Boost 1.1.4” for my iPhone. Does anyone have the source? Thanks.

  • Neuromancer

    Hey guys, Neuromancer here.

    For all the newbies who have just bought their iPhones and for all of those who are just about to buy them and want to unlock them them, the process is unbelievabley simple.

    1)Buy iPhone.
    2)Download Zibri 2.5 Google it and you shall find it. Or you can go to It’s right at the top of the page. Click on the screenshot of Zibri and it’ll take you to Zibri’s blog, from where you can download the program. This site also has the restore files for all the iPhoners out there who want to upgrade to 1.1.4
    3)Install Zibri 2.5 on your desktop.
    4)Plug in your iPhone to your laptop/desktop.
    5)Open the Zibri program which you installed in step 3.
    6)Click on the “Do it all” option, which unlocks, jailbreaks and activates your iPhone.

    In literally 2 to 4 minutes (i read it’s down to 35 seconds now) your phone will be unlocked and you’ll become a proud owner/member of an iPhone and it’s community.

    Hope this post helped. Enjoy!!

  • ij

    just moved from us, where I hadmy iphone on at&t plan. It was an original IP that is now updated to 1.1.3. I still have the original sim in the phone. I am wondering if I can run ziphone to unlock it, and if I should leave the sim in or take it out. I read through most of the blogs and cannot find anyone who had an activated legitimate phone…any help would be apreciated.


  • summerfish

    I’m just wondering about the internet browsing capabilities. I know for the iTouch, it’s WiFi so one doesn’t need to pay a cent to surf the web (providing you’re in a WiFi location). For the iPhone, would i need to pay to surf the web? how does the internet work with regards to cost?

    thanks !

  • iPhone Fan

    ij: Yes, you can unlock your iPhone. I would suggest restoring it first to 1.1.4 via iTunes, then using ZiPhone. Doesn’t matter if the SIM card is inside or not. 🙂

    summer: The wifi on the iPhone works exactly the same as the iPod Touch. No charges! Just make sure your EDGE settings are not entered, so you won’t get charged data.

  • Mary-Ellen

    Can you explain what you mean when you say make sure your edge settings are not entered so you won’t get charged data…just curious, if you are connected to a wi-fi even with edge settings set, are you not okay? and free?

  • iPhone Fan

    If you don’t have your login credentials entered for Rogers/Fido data plans, then you won’t get charged.

    You can set EDGE to off/on. Don’t worry. 🙂

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  • interested

    Do the unlocked iphones work with all the new office apps that come with the new versions of the iphone?

    also where is a good place to buy one in ottawa?

  • Mary-Ellen Camp

    Question…my incoming sms messages always come in with the wrong time stamp, the outgoing is fine, but I can never tell when a message is sent to me as the time is funky.
    The date zones and international settings are all correct. Outgoing is fine, it is the incoming only…no matter what I change I still have this problem…anyone know how to fix?

  • Jean

    I have called 7 time to Fido to have my iphone connected to the internet
    and I have talked to 7 different sales rep. They have all told me that I
    can’t have intenet in a iPhone. At a certain time in the setup they ask me
    for a IEMI phone code and it has to be a Fido phone from Canada, I don’t
    have such a code I have a iPhone!
    If you could connect internet on a iPhone your good. Call them at this phone
    number and try…I have tried 7 time and they will not hook me up…Call and
    try 1(888)481-3436 Good luck!

  • M-Jo

    I thought I saw somewhere that it is possible to make folders to hold things like all my games in on the Summerboard. Is this correct?

  • b-rad

    anyone else find the battery life to be abysmal? i’m getting usage of about 2hrs, and standby of 1day2hrs before it hits 10% battery remaining!

  • goddess1

    I just added voicemail and texting to my plan. However I seem to only be able to receive texts and my sent ones never get to their destinations! I also am unsure as to how to access my voicemail to customize my message and then retreieve other missed call messages. Rogers can’t help until they start carrying the iphone themselves…….HELP!!!

  • Mary-Ellen Camp

    sorry if this posts twice, I didn’t see it the first time so I thought I would try again.
    Does anyone know the actual web address for the rogers navigate site, the web wap enabled site that cuts down on the downloading costs…when talking to rogers they said that if I surf everything from the rogers navigate site, it is less pictures etc and therefore less costs…I don’t know if I can find the site on my iphone, I know that prior to my iphone all my rogers phones just automatically connected to this site.
    Any help would be appreciated…just hit a first BIG bill.

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