iPhone Ultrasn0w Unlocking Tool Now Available For iPhone 4/3GS/3G


Ultrasn0w has been updated and it now provides unlocking to iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G owners. Version 1.0-1 will allow users to quickly unlock their iPhone for use on multiple cellular carriers.

The updated ultrasn0w includes support for iPhone 4 baseband 01.59 and iPhone 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04.

With the launch of the iPhone 4, many countries received unlocked iPhone 4 and 3GS units when purchased at full price directly from Apple. Unfortunately, these factory unlocked iPhones typically cost in the $500+ range.

The alternative, getting the iPhone on contract, locks the iPhone to one carrier but comes at a low price, usually less than $300. With Ultrasn0w, users can now unlock their once previously locked device.

To unlock your iPhone, the device must first be jailbroken. That can be done by visiting on mobile Safari. After the jailbreak, search Cydia for “ultrasn0w” and install the app.

If it doesn’t show up, manually add the repo to the Cydia > Manage > Sources area.

[Dev-Team Blog]


  • Suz

    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss thank u thank u

  • iPhone4crazy

    I heard from an Apple care employee that unlocked units become locked to a carrier once you activate it to that sim card. I told him he was an idiot and to get his facts straight. He was also from Michigan. Can anyone confirm or deny?

  • Ex

    You are right.


  • Jackbeer

    hey does anyone know if the square one apple store in mississauga still has any 32 gb iphone 4's left in stock?
    or if not there, any rogers store in missisauga that has any iphone 4's in stock

  • Danny


  • zadigre

    If your iPhone is unlocked and the imei of this iPhone is never entered in your provider database, it will say unlocked…

  • I think what they mean is that all the phones are unlocked at the Apple store, until they put the IEMI in or whatever and it locks the phone at that point.

  • So is this a permanent change? Once it's done, is the phone unlocked for good?

  • Kabino

    Ahoy! I've been visiting this website since I first started hearing rumors about the release of the iPhone 4 and I'm happy to say that this has been the most resourceful iPhone website that I have ever visited. I just have a few questions about what the term “factory unlocked” means. Is it the same as a jailbreak-unlock where you can use any simcard that you want? EG: The sim card on my current phone. If I buy the factory unlocked iPhone and start a new contract with provider X, will I be OBLIGED to adapt to the iPhone plan or can I use any plan that they offer? Once I stick to provider X, will my phone be permanently locked to it? Thanks in advance!

  • So I answered my own question. It's only unlocked as long as ultrasn0w is installed. That would work, however I'm curious if there is any way to permanently unlock the phone.

  • zadigre

    If you pay to get an unlocked phone, yes…

  • Factory Unlocked means you buy the phone, and for the duration of it's life, it's unlocked and can be used on any carrier. If you sign a contact with a provider ( which you'd be crazy to do ) you would still be responsible for the complete contract, but at any point you could put another SIM card in it, and it would work, on any provider.

    IE. you buy the phone unlocked. go to Rogers, set it up and use it… after a year there, you decided to switch to Telus… you pop out the Rogers SIM, put in the Telus one, and you keep going.

    Ultrasn0w, from my limited research, is just a temporary unlock, and you need to have ultrasn0w running un order to use the phone on another carrier.

  • Seems they can undo the locking they did when they bought it no? I wonder if I bitch at Rogers enough if they'd unlock it. They already have me for 3 years!

  • zadigre

    Rogers will not unlock your iPhone for any reason…
    This may change in the future with new laws…

  • Yeah I'm sorta banking on us following France's lead on that. The ultrasn0w should work for trips to US for now.

  • Ex

    Buying it from Apple at full price.

  • Ex

    Once locked, it's permanent.

  • While it's permanent because Rogers says so, it's not something that can't be un-done, assuming they let you do it.

    There are a few cell phone shops in Toronto that advertise unlocking 3G and 3GS phones permanently. It's just a matter of getting the right information from my knowledge.

    I used to buy phones from my friend in Chicago who ran a cell shop, and he'd unlock them and send them up.

  • zadigre

    The lock or unlocked status of an iPhone is controlled by apple's servers when you activate your iPhone with iPhone…
    It's not something you an permanently set unless you do not upgrade your firmware and you jailbreak your iPhone…

  • Zilly

    off subject but does anyone know or have information yet about whether or not an unlocked iP4 will work on the new sktel network?

  • trini

    so, if they enter the imei into my provider's database, it is then locked?

  • zadigre

    Yes… This is the way it works

  • KairuByte

    They are all sold out. Have been for days.

  • trini

    So I paid full price for a locked phone now?!? W.T.F!

  • KairuByte

    No. If you buy your phone Factory Unlocked from Apple, your phone is unlocked forever, and any replacement phones you receive from Apple will also be unlocked.

  • You And Me

    hi ex,
    question : i bought my iphone 4 on Friday & when i check my usage on settings it says 9 DAYS & 22 HOURS, its a unlocked 16GB from apple store . hows that possible ?

  • Ex


    Once its unlocked, the carrier cannot do anything to lock it.

  • Ex

    Did you plug it into iTunes and restore from your previous back up?

  • Ex

    Yes. That is what I mean. When you buy it from, let's say Rogers at full
    price, the device is locked unless you modify it via jailbreaking.

    If you buy it unlocked, it is unlocked forever.

  • Sean


    This is totally unrelated but I figured you might know. Do you know how often Bell dealerships receive iPhone shipments and if they typically arrive on the same day?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Ex

    About every 3 weeks

  • zadigre

    If apple entered the iPhone imei in the cell phone provider, it will lock the phone to this provider… This is the way it works because all phones are factory unlocked until activated the first time… If you pay the contract price, apple will lock the phone.

  • zadigre

    If you bought it from apple, it should be unlocked forever unless apple did something wrong when they sold you the phone…
    If you bought it from your provider, it will be locked if you paid full price or contract price.

  • You And Me

    yes , i restored from 3GS back up

  • Ex

    When you backup, everything comes over from the 3GS, even the life time
    calls and etc.

    in other words, that is normal.


  • Jay_hawtin

    hey guys, sorry if this is off topic, but do u kno if all the iphones in canada are currently sold out? if so, when will the next batch become available again? thanks!!

  • Bee

    Does the Unlock and Jailbreak only work if you are on IOS 4?

    I want to jailbreak/unlock my 3G…but i dont want to upgrade it to IO4.. it soo slow!

  • Chrome262

    So basically everyone is sold out. and there are varying reports on when new stock will come in. I have heard as early as friday for some stores, but as EX said shipment in bulk usually happens every two to three weeks. that does leave out the small shipments. so who knows. The issue i am having is that providers aren't even letting people get on lists or pre order. its kind of frustrating as most people I know can't sit in front of stores camping for days at a time. Until LG and Samsung can increase screen production i cant see it getting better then the 3 week delivery times.

  • Don

    That sucks to hear if you did actually pay full price for a locked phone, but if you did let that be a lesson learned, always do your research before making big purchases. It has been know for a LONG time that if you pay full price or not at ANY carrier store it will absolutely be locked to that specific carrier. Only Apple sells unlocked iPhone 4's.

  • Josephwunder

    The dev team made this one ^^ so no need to wait if your curious check out

  • JMCD23

    Still iffy about the new jailbreak. Wouldn't it be better to wait for the dev team?

  • asdmd

    Dude it you paid full price from Apple, it won't be locked. Try putting in another micro sim from another carriers. I don't know what people are saying to you!

  • Tired_
  • Kabino

    Thanks a lot Randal! Exactly the answer I was looking for 🙂

  • trini

    my bad…. I wrote my response, then read the others… if I could delete my post I would.

  • CF

    That's what I'm doing.

  • Guest

    Pardon me for my ignorance on this….I understand that I can buy an unlocked phone from the Apple Store. What I am unclear on is your statement “If you sign a contact with a provider ( which you'd be crazy to do ) you would still be responsible for the complete contract…”. I currently have a voice only plan with Rogers. If I want to add data to the plan, do I not need to sign a multi-year contract? Or can I just pay $30 on a month-to-month basis to receive 6GB's of data? Then perhaps six months from now, Telus begins to offer unlimited GB's for $40/month (LOL!), I can just purchase a Telus sim and then pay on a month-by-month basis with them?

  • Ex

    For 6GB, you need a contract cause it's a promo. But you can do $30 1GB on no contract

  • Tired_

    Has anyone been able to get the SBSettings Ultrasn0w toggle to work with this version of Ultrasn0w? I haven't been able to, and I'm on an iPhone 4, iOS 4.0.1.

  • You And Me

    thanks Ex

  • In Regards to the Jailbreak – Doesn't matter which device you're on – as long as it's 4.0 or 4.1

  • TY

    Sorry pls clearify for me: so this unlock software/app can be temporary if Apple comes out with a patch to prevent it ? So the ONLY way to have a permanent unlocked iPhone4 is to buy it from Apple Store ? Thanks.

  • Ex


  • TY

    Thank you, didn't expect an answer this late at night. (I just came home from work) BTW, this site is so resourceful, thanks ! Goodnite “Ex”.

  • Ex


  • zadigre

    4.0.1 yes, but now 4.1… I have 4.1 beta 3 on my iPhone and it does not
    work… It did not work with beta 2 either…

  • Mrmozart

    If someone is already on contract, shouldn't he paying each month for the same provider? coz simply he signed a contact….How could he then pay monthly and at the same time using another provider

    Enlighten me please

  • Vman1964

    I have unlocked my iPhone 3GS 32 gb. I am on Rogers and I tried a Bell simcard in my phone and it keeps asking me to connect to iTunes. What is up with that? Once I unlock it with ultraslow I should be able to just put another simmcard in and it shod work right? I want to unlock it as I travel to USA 3 – 4 times a year and wnt to use service there tomavoid roaming charges.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • iphone4aaa

    if the iphone is iPhone 4 is FACTORY UNLOCKED, and if i jailbreak it using from safari, would it lock the phone or no ? please advice. thank you

  • Ex


  • So basically, people are going to abuse the system by buying iPhone 4, jailbreaking, unlocking, early termination fee, then selling on craigslist for way too much?
    I feel sorry for the people that will buy the phones from these people (no offense to anyone that does that).

  • PS

    HI I just tried to unlock a 3GS Rogers Iphone to be used with my fido simcard the thing is everything is done with no problem when i put my sim it gives me an error and i cant use my fido sim anyone know about this?

  • What base band do you have?

  • Thoward

    I have an iPhone 3GS with 4.1 on it. Can it be unlocked, and if so with what software? Thanks.