Apple Watch 2 Trial Production Reported to Begin this Month


This just in: Apple developing successor to hit Apple product.

Of course a 2nd-generation Apple Watch was inevitable, and China’s Commercial Times has just reported that initial production of Apple’s as yet unannounced Apple Watch 2 is set to begin at Quanta this month.

The upcoming device is said to feature additional sensors (possibly even sleep-tracking), and potentially even a FaceTime camera for video calling, along with a sleek new (hopefully existing-watchband compatible) design.

Back in December we learned of Apple’s rumoured March event plans, where the company is likely to announce its 2nd-generation wearable and possibly a new, highly anticipated 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’.

As always, at this time this should be taken with a grain of salt, as nothing has been officially revealed at this point, and we’ve yet to see leaks of any cables, displays, bodies, or other components. That said, if trial production really is set to begin this month, I’d imagine it won’t be too long before a blurrycam image of something appears online.

What features would you like to see in the 2nd-generation Apple Watch? How likely are you to upgrade? Sound out below!


[Via GforGames]


  • ipostic

    I’m still puzzled what would Apple offer to those who paid $24,000 for first generation golden watch… replace the internals with upgrades? Trade in for second gen gold watch?

  • K.

    If you were able to affird a 24k apple watch, you can probably afford a 2nd one!

  • That is true!

  • Guest

    Trade in option for all would be nice. But let’s be real that likely won’t happen. I like my sport version, got it day 1, and use it everyday. Just wish the other banks would get on board with Apple Pay already. Hopefully improved battery if they are having a go at it with sleep sensors and such.

  • OliChabot

    I also admit that if they would offer trade-in I would probably jump on it ! Otherwise, I will probably sell my 1st gen when the second one gets confirmed and buy the second gen, I’m in a love/hate relationship with her (yes, she’s an her) !

  • johnnygoodface

    For some people a 24K$ watch is the same as 1K$ for others. Like “us”, they will buy a second gen and won’t mind the price at all for sure… Good for them..

  • Robert

    I would like the Activity to be more updated. I put the watch on and in four hrs all my circles are complete. I would like it if I could plug it into my computer and edit how many hrs I have to stand and when to start/stop my work outs.