[u] Apple Just Aired Seven New Apple Watch Ads [VIDEO]


Apple has uploaded six new Apple Watch ads to its YouTube channel, which are 15-seconds in length and highlight features of the company’s smartwatch.

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The ads highlight specific Apple Watch ads for fitness, while also detail how built-in features can help you find your misplaced iPhone, or how one can easily swap bands to customize the watch for any occasion.

Check them all out below:







Update: Here’s a seventh ad, ‘Rain’, highlighting the weather app Dark Sky (which doesn’t support Canada, BTW):

Update 2: Another ad ‘Climb’ was just uploaded:

Last October, the company also released six 15-second long Apple Watch ads similar to above, highlighting why the Apple Watch is useful and required in your life.


  • jmcd102

    Move, stand, exercise…
    This is why I love the watch. Even with cancer it keeps me motivated to be moving as much as I can.
    The other features and apps make it a complete ? product but the watch has made a difference in my life over the last year.

  • Kirk

    That’s awesome! Yes the Apple Watch has become a permanent fixture in my life, my fitness awareness has increased incredibly. I work out everyday and noticed how much more healthy I am. Just needed that extra kick and this has done it for me tenfold