Apple Watch Nike+ Bands Launch for $69 in Canada, Plus New 2017 Bands


Apple this morning refreshed their Apple Watch bands, with the biggest announcement in our opinion being Apple Watch Nike+ bands available for individual sale, priced at $69 in Canada.

You can get Black/Volt, Anthracite/Black and Pure Platinum/White in both 38mm and 42mm options, available today and shipping in 1 business day.

Screenshot 2017 03 21 07 20 01

There are also new Apple Watch Nike+ models at the same prices for 38mm and 42mm. We now have the Space Grey Aluminum Case with Anthracite/Black Sport Band and Silver Aluminum Case with Pure Platinum/White Sport Band.

Screenshot 2017 03 21 07 25 47

Screenshot 2017 03 21 07 25 41

As for the rest of the new bands, here’s what’s available:

  • Sport in Pebble, Azure and Camellia ($69 CAD)
  • Woven Nylon in Berry, Tahoe Blue, Orange, Red, Pollen and Midnight Blue ($69 CAD)
  • Classic Buckle with new buckle design in Sapphire, Berry and Taupe ($209 CAD)

Apple Watch Hermés bands also received an update. Here’s what’s new:

  • 38mm Double Tour in Bleu Zéphyr Epsom leather ($599 CAD)
  • 38mm Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia leather ($599 CAD)
  • 42mm Single Tour in Lime Epsom leather ($399 CAD)
  • 42mm Single Tour in Colvert Swift leather ($399 CAD)

There’s also a new Hermés model as well, a 38mm Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia calfskin leather ($2059 CAD) and an exclusive Hermès Sport Band in signature orange.

Screenshot 2017 03 21 07 30 34

All of these new Apple Watch bands are available today on What are you going to pick up?


  • swotam

    I ordered the White and Black (Volt) Nike bands since I couldn’t decide which one I prefer, so I’ll just return whichever one doesn’t make the cut. Also ordered the Berry Classic Buckle strap, like the colour and I can always return if I don’t like it in-person.

    FYI most of the new straps, with the exception of the Nike bands, are showing as “Limited Time Only” if you look at them in the Apple Store app, so FYI if there’s one you like you should get it before they’re gone. I suspect that Apple will start releasing seasonal, time-limited straps a couple of times per year that won’t be available forever.

  • Spiridus

    I ordered the Black/Volt right away! So glad they finally caved and released these separately. Expected delivery, March 24th.

  • swotam

    TBH I assume this was the plan all along, they just had to offer the Nike Watch + band exclusively for a period of time so that the only way to get that band was to order the Nike version of the Watch.

  • It’s a good idea to make people feel like their watch is unique and original by having limited seasonal offerings. I have the Black/Volte Nike+ AW and I love it.

  • Nice! Enjoy. Ours still looks great.

  • Yup and it worked!

  • swotam

    Yep, and you still get your Nike-exclusive Watch faces that the rest of us plebs don’t have, lol.

  • swotam

    Agreed, I can see them doing this semi-regularly to keep the bands rotating (and the profits coming in). I’d suggest waiting until they hit stores though, since (based on personal experience) the colours often don’t look quite the same as what’s on the website unless you have a super kick-ass properly calibrated display. Of course, having a 15 day return policy makes that sort of a non-issue in any case.

  • Mario Gaucher

    It’s about time!!!
    I’ve tried a few cheap amazon alternatives… and none were very good.
    One color clone is ok… but as soon as you have two colors for silicone bands, one will fade out because of the low quality.

  • Gerry Lee

    Yay. Now I can get those Nike Spots suntan when it wear it outside.

  • haha

  • swotam

    The only really good Amazon band I’ve found is the Spigen Black Milanese Loop. At $30 it’s 10% of what Apple charges, and in the few months I’ve had it I’ve had no complaints. Well made, doesn’t look or feel cheap, so definitely worth it IMO.

    As for the others, most of them are low grade crap, but of course when you’re only paying $10 – $15 dollars what can you expect?

    I have a couple of $10 Sport bands from Amazon and I’ve found that they frequently irritate my skin if I get sweaty, while my Apple Sport Band doesn’t cause any skin problems. The cheap bands are also noticeably thinner than the Apple one, and a lot of the time when you’re trying to stick the end through the hole (if you have one you know what I’m talking about) the band bends and you have to hold it down with one finger while you stick it in the hole. Same thing with the Apple band works without any issues.

    As for the (cough) genuine leather bands from Amazon, you can be sure that no cows were harmed in the production. I bought a $13 Hermes clone and it’s definitely not “leather”, more like pleather if anything.

    At the end of the day, the value proposition of an Apple band is hard to put your finger on, but they’re almost always much better than the stuff you get from Amazon for a fraction of the price. Problem is whether Apple’s “better” is worth the extra cost.

  • Spiridus
  • Nice!!! The black/volt is the best one by far.