Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 Update Causing Some Heart Rate Sensor Issues


Apple’s first Watch OS update landed on Tuesday this week and is supposed to bring performance enhancements. There was a problem though: For some Apple Watch users Watch OS 1.0.1 brought a performance “downgrade”, since the Apple Watch heart rate sensor stopped working in the background, at least consistently, a discussion started on Apple Support Communities reveals.


Apple officially states that the Watch should take a reading every 10 minutes. This happens outside the Workout app, as the latter involves different reading patterns. What’s alarming, some users write, is that in some cases the heart rate monitor simply stopped working unless the user launches Glances and asks the device to take a reading.

Interestingly, though, a user nicknamed Wayner 83 says he had the same issues – sporadic monitoring – but that the Watch returned to its original performance on its own, so now it monitors the user’s heart rate every 10 minutes.

Besides those in Apple Support Communities, another discussion on MacRumors forums reports the same issue, as does another on Reddit.

In our experience, we haven’t noticed any heart rate sensor issues since the update. Have you?


  • Spiridus

    I just checked my data for today and it’s all over the place but definitely not recording every ten minutes. 30 mins, 20, 10, an hour later. The biggest jump is 1 hour 10 minutes. Oh! It looks like I partially died at 12:30 today with a heartrate of 30 bpm!! Dang! This is the first issue I’ve had since Apr 24th.

  • Looks like you came back alive, like Tupac

  • Anthony

    I just checked and it checked my heart rate once on the 20th, 28 times yesterday and twice today. Very weird.

  • gerry

    The only issue with the update I’m having is that it doesn’t stay connected to my phone