Apple Watch ’S’ Is Coming in March, Analyst Says


Apple watch face

We have S version iPhones, so why not an S series Apple Watch? Well, we may just see that this spring, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster (you may already know him from his earlier expectation for an Apple iTV).

Rumour has it that the Apple Watch will get a slight hardware upgrade this spring — mark your calendars for March 15, when the rumoured media event is expected to take place — so Munster issued a note to investors today saying he expects the second-generation wearable (dubbed as the S version) to get new internal components like a better processor and battery (via Business Insider).

In a note sent to clients on Tuesday, he explained: Apple Watch: expect more of an “S” version with similar design, upgraded components including processor[,] battery, new band styles. Unlikely to have a wireless radio, which would allow standalone (i.e. decoupled from iPhone).

From Munster’s perspective, an S version Watch would match Apple’s typical iPhone upgrade cycle. Since the first model went on sale last spring, the annual upgrade cycle pattern requires another model this spring as well, according to the analyst. Since Apple likes to recycle its iPhone designs to create the S version, the Apple Watch S would make sense, he says.

What do you think? S is short for…?


  • Ed Johnson

    Hopefully S is for SIM card, so I can leave my phone at home.

  • Tim

    “S” is for “same”, same uninspired look and level of functionality.

  • Z S

    Let’s be honest, the S is just following the trend for iPhones. It’ll be a speed and performance increase to better run native watchOS apps — in the same design as before.

  • Z S

    Would you really want to have another data plan, just for your watch, though?

    I like the idea of a smartwatch as a sidekick and time-saver… but definitely wouldn’t want to go without my iPhone.

  • Jesse

    That’s jsut it. The Watch is more of an extension to your iPhone. Not to actually replace it. I wouldn’t go without my iPhone either.

  • Nyrol

    How can a watch possibly be a replacement for a phone? No one would make calls on it because no one wants to look as stupid as someone who talks to their wrist. You can’t type on it, so you can’t really message anyone other than stock replies. It’s a fancy complement to the iPhone, not a replacement.

  • Darthrez

    bluetooth headphones?

  • johnnygoodface

    How about S for Stable, Speed and Self-Sufficient! I just want my Apple Watch to simply work as advertised… Don’t get me wrong: I’m a real fan of the watch, but please add two ss if you need to but just make the apps work all the time, not sporadicaly like now.

  • Ed Johnson

    If the Apple Watch had the SIM card (instead of the iPhone) I wouldn’t need to take my phone everywhere. The iPhone could connect to the Apple Watch when it needed cell signal, or I could use the Bluetooth in my car or a bluetooth headset to make a call. I would much rather go jogging with an Apple Watch on my wrist than an iPhone 6 Plus in my pocket.

  • jay

    I think that is a good idea upgrade to a S. Make sense to me. The watch so far is good for what I am using it for.

  • jay

    In 4 years from now the watch will be your phone and the display in your pocket become the screen only.