Apple Watch ‘Series 3’ Will Keep Same Design and Introduce LTE Models: KGI


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, also known as a “three-eyed raven” when it comes to Apple’s product roadmap, has released a new research note regarding the next-generation Apple Watch.

The note, obtained by 9to5Mac, has Kuo saying Apple Watch will retain its original design in its third-generation, and not debut a new form factor, as claimed in earlier reports.

The next ‘Series 3’ Apple Watch will, however, introduce LTE networking to the smartwatch lineup, similar to how we have cellular LTE iPads. But Kuo predicts these Apple Watch models will not support slower 3G connections, which could impact the market availability of this smart watch.

New Apple Watch models are predicted to see 8 to 9 million units shipped in the latter half of 2017, with the cellular LTE model taking 35-40 per cent of orders. Apple Watch sales overall are forecasted to hit 17.5 to 18 million units shipped in 2017.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported LTE networking would be coming to Apple Watch, with a debut by the end of the year. John Gruber from Daring Fireball added the next Apple Watch would come in an “all-new form factor”, citing a detail ‘missed’ by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, but later updated his post to say his “tidbit came from an unconfirmed birdie, though, so I wouldn’t be the house on it.”

Earlier today, a report by Digitimes said the next Apple Watch was expected to ship in Q4 of 2017.


  • Joe

    I don’t get it… why do I need my Watch to have LTE? So that the Big 3 can charge me another $20-30 a month?

    And will the LTE Watch still require iPhone? Because I can’t imagine them making it work with Android given all the integration with Health, Messages, Remote, Now Playing, etc…

  • sukisszoze

    The Big 3 will probably charge at least $5/month for us to as a device to share our data plan, just like the iPads..

  • Timrules

    Been holding off on Apple Watch … LTE might be the final feature that makes me pull the trigger …

  • OliChabot

    meh, same design is lame.

  • Chrome262

    if you have the phone on you, just like with the iPads, why bother with LTE. I bought series one months back (well wife bought it for me) because i didn’t feel the minor benefits of series 2 were worth the extra 100 dollars. So this series has got to offer more then just LTE