Apple Watch Series 3 Gets First Look After Apple Event [u]


The new Apple Watch Series 3 will let users make phone calls, stream music, use Siri, get directions and much more without the need for an iPhone to be nearby.

Unveiled at a media presentation Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, Calif., the Apple Watch Series 3 boasts a new dual-core processor with up to 70 percent more performance.

However, the real standout feature is cellular connectivity, which will let users use features like Apple Music, Beats 1 radio, Find My Friends, Messages and more without an iPhone within range.

The casing for Series 3 is the same size as Series 2, with the only difference being a back crystal that was extended 0.25 millimeters, or the equivalent of two sheets of paper. Practically, there is no discernable difference in size, according to Apple.

Here is The Verge’s full first look at the new Apple Watch:

Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity will be available in 9 countries, including Canada, and 14 carriers from 22 September.

Bell will exclusively launch cellular support for Apple Watch Series 3 in Canada priced at $5 per month. Telus will follow suit in line with Bell, “coming later this year”.


  • wstoneman

    I would like to know how the cellular works, and how it can have the same number. I also wonder how much bell would charge for this non additional service.

  • amoyal

    I want this. I never cared for the Apple Watch before but I would use this. My birthday is in 17 days. LOL But I’m on Koodo so who knows if it ever will make it there.

  • SOB

    After today the $400 price for the Fitbit Ionic looks even more ridiculous. Ionic shouldn’t be more than $250.

  • BeaveVillage

    No Rogers support when it arrives in Canada, only Bell, and later Telus. What on earth guys?

  • Serge

    Am I missing something or can you only get a gold case if you buy with a pink band? I hope not, don’t really want to spend another $69 on a different color band but really would like gold case.