Apple Watch ‘Series 3’ Launch Reportedly Coming Second Half of 2017: Report

Digitimes reports Compal Electronics will reportedly join Quanta Computer in the Apple Watch supply chain, with the next-generation smartwatch said to be debuting in the latter half of 2017, claim sources.

Currently, Apple Watch orders are solely handled by Quanta Computer. The upcoming next-generation Apple Watch, which is scheduled to be released in the second half, will continue to be manufactured by the Taiwan-based ODM; however, production of the existing second-generation Apple Watch will be partially given to Compal.

Apple is said to be giving existing Apple Watch Series orders to Compal, with the latter said to have moved equipment to plants in Chongqing, to prepare for Apple Watch production. These new orders are said to offset declining capacity of the plants, due to falling notebook orders.

Previous rumours have claimed Apple Watch ‘Series 3’ would come with an LTE modem, offering connection to cellular networks, allowing the device to be truly independent of an iPhone. Back in February, Digitimes claimed Apple Watch Series 3 would also enter production later this year, with a new glass-film alternative display.

Apple Watch Series 3, if it debuts this fall, could very well be announced alongside the ‘iPhone 8’. Get your wallets ready, folks.

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  • johnnygoodface

    I’ll buy it if Apple Pay would be independent of the phone, although even with LTE, I’m not sure Apple could pull that one out, since the watch doesn’t have Touch ID… yet. But with the rumours that fingerprints could be read anywhere on the iPhone display, than maybe they could port that new feature onto the watch.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I paid with my Apple Watch many times in the past.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Are we going to have to pay LTE twice? Once for the iPhone and then for the Apple Watch. Wouldn’t surprise me.