Canadian Launches ‘JUUK’: Premium Stainless Steel Bands for Apple Watch [PICS]


While everybody wants a stainless steel band for their Apple Watch, not everyone is ready to pay the premium prices for the Milanese Loop, or even the drool-worthy Link Bracelet. Many Apple Watch users have been holding out for an aftermarket band to save the day (and their wallets)—and with JUUK, it looks to make your dreams a reality.

JUUK just went live today on Indiegogo, started by Canadian watch enthusiast Eugene Ho, based out of Vancouver, BC and Hong Kong. An industry veteran of nearly 20 years, Ho has worked for the Timex Group and Movado, while also helped create watches for Timberland, Reebok and Ecko.

Later on, he founded his own specialized watch company, Pacific Watchworks. Here, he helped create a turnkey solution for companies looking to create watches, leveraging his connections with top Chinese manufacturers—the same ones that produce watches for the likes of Fossil, DKNY, Diesel, Guess and Dolce & Gabbana.

Fast forward to when the Apple Watch was announced, Ho knew he could make premium aftermarket stainless steel bands for the wearable based on his knowledge and connections, and that’s where we are today.

Juuk design

Juke design 2

JUUK right now has two stainless steel watch band styles: The Revo Line (starting at $100), seen below (which looks like Apple’s link bracelet):

Juuk link bracelet


…and the flagship Locarno Line (starting at $125), which “is comprised of 5 separate components cut down from costlier custom extruded steel rods,” for a pretty slick premium look:

Juuk close up


Both feature double push button butterfly deployment buckles:

Locarno 2



Both are available in three finishes: polished, brushed or matte. These watch bands are made out of solid 316L stainless steel—the same steel Apple uses to make their stainless steel Watch cases.

Screenshot 2015 06 25 20 23 56

Check out JUUK’s promo video below:

Here’s how to attach and remove JUUK to your Apple Watch:

Ho explains to us JUUK started development in early March and once he got his hands on Apple Watches on April 24, he sent them to Chinese factories to finish engineering drawings for the end pieces, which are critical for a seamless fit on the watch. Once these drawings were completed and approved by Ho, the prototyping phase was finished in roughly 6 weeks. These are the same factories that create watches for Swiss fashion brand Frank Mueller and lesser known Frederique Constant, Ho exclusively tells us (but you didn’t read that here).

Why create JUUK? Ho tells explains to us “Apple has set the bar very high in terms of their bands pricing so I felt that I could offer a lot more value in comparison.” He went onto further explain “I’m not being critical of Apple because they’ve set a high bar so that I may have a chance to succeed with my vision. And at the end of the day, making watch components is all that I know how to do…so this was a perfect fit for me.”

So what sets JUUK apart from other third party Apple Watch bands is the quality. JUUK is looking to create the best quality aftermarket Apple Watch band, made by a watch enthusiast that has connections to the Chinese factories that manufacture watches for major Swiss brands. From the pictures above, these are probably the best aftermarket Apple Watch bands available as even these prototypes have a pretty tight fit, not only on the wrist but on the watch too.

The project goal seeks $65,000 USD, and if that isn’t met, Ho has set the option for backers to get a full refund–he won’t keep your money unlike other Indiegogo projects.

If stretch funding of $75,000 USD is reached, backers will get unique packaging designed by a Japanese company, that will also include an aluminum charging stand for your Apple Watch.

Juuk box

Click here to visit JUUK’s Indiegogo page—there are 35 days left in the campaign and the Fixed Funding option means if their goal isn’t reached, backers get their money back, refunded 100% by Indiegogo.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. Once the Indiegogo campaign ends, regular sales will debut on


  • Nick

    It’s a little unclear – what are the full prices after the campaign? They’re $100 with payment now but I’d rather pay the $25 now for a $50 coupon code later to buy a strap that matches the look of the sport once they get around to making one.

  • Steven Silber

    Is the band available in black stainless?

  • The indiegogo site shows the price you’re getting it on discount, and how much “off” you’re saving. Do you see them?

    Yeah, the coupon is a good idea. He tells me that if he were to ask for a space grey stainless prototype it’ll still take 6-8 weeks. But it’s in the pipeline.

  • Not yet but planned.

  • Salinger

    They look amazing, and definitely the best looking straps I’ve seen so far (including Apple’s!). But even if everything goes according to plan, the FAQ says they won’t be delivered until some time in December. I’m just thinking, do I want to spend another USD 100 + unspecified shipping charge on an extra strap for a watch that may be old gen just a few weeks later? Plus, I have the space grey, I don’t think any of the plain SS bracelets he’s offering right now would look good with it.

    Given the popularity of the space grey option, it might have been wise for him to have had 1 of his 3 initial releases to match it instead of all three being SS.

  • Yeah, a space grey option would have been really nice. It’s planned, so once that comes out, it may be a good time to back it. But not sure how these would look on a SG Sport.

  • zbahow

    Good cause apple product is not good as they said. Just to let people know about the black stainless steel band, retail for 750$. Got it as a present about 6 month ago, I exchange it lately for the third time cause it lose his colour, wanted a credit because I really think it’s a piece of crap and was poorly design, make me look like a successful hobo after a month. Customer service can’t do anything for me better than exchange it again. So I’ll go every month get a new band, really strange business decision and desapointing from Apple. until know I really appreciate their products and service was part of of it.