Redesigned Apple Watch 4 with Larger Display to Debut Later This Year [KGI]


Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities has claimed in a research note to investors that Apple will debut a redesigned Series 4 Apple Watch later this year, featuring a larger display, enhanced health monitoring and longer battery life (via 9to5Mac). The analyst notes that the new watches will sport a 15% larger screen than the existing 38 mm and 42 mm models.

Apple watch 4

Although Kuo does not say whether the overall chassis of the Apple Watch 4 will grow in proportion or not, it is quite likely that the redesigned models will feature thinner bezels to incorporate a bigger display without making the product larger overall.

The report also expects upgrades to the health sensors for improved health monitoring, while predicting lowering of prices for older models to help drive Apple Watch sales to new highs.

The analyst is generally vague on other product details, suggesting upgrades to the health sensors included in Apple Watch but does not go into detail. KGI predict that Apple will sell about 22-24 million Apple Watch units in 2018, an increase of about 30% year-over-year. Longer term, Kuo expects Watch sales to reach 50 million units a year.

The Apple Watch Series 4 may be released alongside the 2018 iPhones in September.


  • warpdrive

    Larger screen would be great, maybe thinner as well. But, for the love of god!…. let all my existing watch bands still fit it! Lol somehow over the years I’ve managed to amass about 15 bands. All original Apple bands from the sports bands, nylon, leather loops up to the stainless link bracelet. Yes…. I may have a problem. ? lol

  • Joe

    I agree, I hope they maintain compatibility with existing bands. If they need to re-design the watch to make it better, go right ahead but at least offer customers an exchange program of some sort.

  • warpdrive

    I just ordered 3 more watch bands. Curse you Apple!!!

  • Prof. Peabody.

    Slow down there tough guy. Apple haven’t done anything yet with the chassis and you are cursing them? I’ll remind you that these are rumors as it is rumor season. I doubt they will change the thickness of the band slot. Relax.

  • Joe

    You doubt that Apple would try and force customers to buy new accessories? Are we both thinking of the same company? Look at their track record before you tell us to relax.

  • warpdrive

    Lol. I curse them because they keep releasing awesome looking watch bands that I have to buy…. it hurts my pocket book!!!!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Larger display is fine and all, but if it means they remove a button and add a notch again…

  • erth

    you know you are talking to a wall when you want the old watch bands to still work… this is how they make more money.

  • warpdrive

    This is true….. but if the old bands don’t fit…. they won’t make any money from me this year on a new watch. My series 3 can last another year or 2.

  • raphael’s videos

    My series one SS iwatch is still working GREAT. Just bought a new black ceramic band for $22. Wish I could get the notifications working consistently LOL