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With the announcement of Apple Watch Series 3, we saw Series 2 disappear from Apple’s website, with only Series 1 as the entry offering.

If you’re deciding on an Apple Watch, today restocked refurbished Series 2 models, with 42mm versions starting at $349 CAD, the lowest price we’ve seen to date. This price is $180 off the new price of a 42mm Series 2, which just a couple days ago started at $529 CAD.

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Series 1 currently starts at $329 for the 38mm and $369 for the 42mm model. These refurbished 42mm Series 2 models are $349, $20 cheaper than Series 1, plus adds GPS, water resistance, brighter screen and a ceramic back.

Here’s what’s available on as of writing:

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 Aluminium, 42mm for $349:

  • Gold Aluminium Case with Cocoa Sport Band
  • Silver Aluminium Case with White Sport Band
  • Rose Gold Aluminium Case with Midnight Blue Sport Band
  • Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel Case, 38mm for $539:

  • Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band
  • Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel Case, 42mm for $589:

  • Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band
  • Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band

The stainless steel refurbished models are also on sale. Right now, only lists stainless steel models for Series 3 Cellular, starting at $799 CAD.

These will sell out quickly, so jump on them while you can. Refurbished Apple Watch models are good-as-new, minus the new box you get in stores.

Thanks Michael!

Update: Aluminium models sold out as of early evening Sept. 13th. Told you not to wait!


  • It’s Me

    Given they pulled all traces of the S2 from their site completely I wonder if these are actually refurbs or if they are just clearing out the new stock. The S3 GPS only starts at $60 less than the last retail price of the S2, so it would make sense for them to clear out even new stock.

  • OliChabot

    Wow I’m very tempted! I have Series 0 and it’s getting slow.

  • Sam Y

    Thanks for the heads up! Been waiting a while and was mulling S2 or S3 but the refurb prices helped me make that decision real fast. $180 off last week’s prices is an easy decision. And it looks like they went fast too – most models gone now

  • Cheers! This is definitely a hot deal.

  • Raphaël Touchette

    Thinking about changing mine too for a S2. S0 is really slow compared to the other models.

  • Gio

    Prices showing $539 now…. was it a mistake they made before?!

  • poopchute

    and……they’re gone.

  • Si2k78

    This is not a good product line for consumers. A $500 dollars for a watch that needs to up upgraded ever few years.

  • OliChabot

    Same… but I want a newer design !

  • Salinger

    Best Buy is selling brand new Series 2 for $369.

  • Got a link?

  • Salinger

    …and after posting that, I realize it’s the 38mm, not 42. I guess I didn’t get anything about that right. 🙂