Sonos Apple Watch App Not in the Works Over Lack of Demand Says CEO


If you’re a Sonos user and has an Apple Watch, you’re probably wondering where an app is for the smartwatch to remotely control and manage your audio setup.

In an email response to iPhone in Canada reader Devin, the company’s Canadian CEO, Patrick Spence, explained an Apple Watch app is not in development “right now”, despite an early prototype of the app was in the works:

Sonos apple watch

Spence said they haven’t seen much demand from customers for an Apple Watch app, but rather more interest for support from Amazon Echo/Dot and Google Home users, which are now getting priority. He concluded to say the company is “continuing to monitor developments around Apple Watch closely,” but no app is in development at the moment.

The current Sonos Controller iOS app supports iPhone and iPad, but lacks Apple Watch and Apple TV 4 support. We’ve inquired about support for the latter and more. Are you waiting for a Sonos Apple Watch app? If you want it, definitely contact the company to let them know.


  • I’m not overly concerned with the Apple watch app, although just a basic one with next track, pause and volume would be handy. What I am REALLY eagerly waiting for is the Alexa functionality.

  • Flash

    So is there somewhere where we show we want Apple Watch support? I’m sure anyone who has an Apple Watch and sonos wants this. What I don’t get is this echo support? Why would anyone want to dictate what music they want to listen to?

  • Nancy K

    I probably wouldn’t use the iWatch app much, but if the Apple TV app (or even AirPlay) had been available I would have purchased a higher end Sonos product for my whole house system’s upstairs speaker. I use an app called Airfoil on my iMac and through that I can sync music via higher quality wifi to several rooms throughout the house! I bought a Libratone speaker instead.

    I couldn’t use my system with Alexa because it isn’t compatible.