Space Black Milanese Loop Apple Watch Gets Hands-On [VIDEO]


Apple earlier this week introduced new Apple Watch bands, which included a Space Black Milanese Loop, with the watch retailing for $919 and $979 CAD for the 38mm and 42mm versions, respectively. The Space Black Milanese Loop on its own is $279 CAD (the silver version is $199).

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If you’re thinking about splurging on this new Apple Watch version (which looks sexy as hell by the way), YouTube channel DetroitBORG has posted a hands-on video comparing it to the original Milanese Loop. The video has some excellent close-ups of the new colour and probably won’t make it any easier to resist, aside from the price tag (thanks Canadian dollar!).

Check it out below:

News of a Space Black Milanese Loop Apple Watch was first leaked back in January, on Apple’s Czech Republic Apple Store website. Anyone going to nab one of these babies?


  • Rox

    I did order the black milanese for my space grey apple sport… even if it’s on the expensive side, it did add a high class value to the cheapest 42mm Apple watch. I like the match… I think I’ll keep it.

  • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed–it looks really nice.

  • Rox

    Thanks for your vote… that could means a lot to convince my wife 😉

    I also got the new nylon one in black (gray), which is also great. However it is not adding the “wow” factor to the watch compare to the Milanese. I’ll return the nylon one and keep the Milanese. For everyone information, the nylon band is ridiculously light and quite soft to the skin. You can feel the difference compare to the sport band.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I’m still waiting for a nice ceramic band like the one they had for their last “watch” (aka iPod nano)

  • jay

    Have my black Milanese loop since 3 month and paid 30$