VO2 Max Data Now Available in watchOS 4 for Apple Watch Users


Earlier this summer we told you how some watchOS 4 beta testers started to see VO2 max data within the Health app. With the recent release of iOS 11 and watchOS 4, it appears Apple has now enabled VO2 max calculations, with data showing when a user records a walk or a run, as noted by iPhone in Canada reader Kohsik.

Check out his screenshot shared with us below:

VO2 sensor apple watch

What is VO2 max? Here’s a simple explanation:

VO2max stands for maximal oxygen uptake and refers to the amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilizing in one minute. It is a measure of your capacity for aerobic work and can be a predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete.

These are predicted VO2 max scores, based on your heart rate for users to get a reference of their score.

Let us know if you’re seeing VO2 max scores on your runs or walks recorded with the Workout app in watchOS 4.


  • Dave B

    Along with VO2max (which I was expecting), there are other goodies popping up like Heart Rate Variability (HRV RMSSD) and also analysis of heart rate recovery when your activity ends.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I had the VO2max since June 22 with the public or dev beta of iOS and watchOS for all my outdoor walks… but it stopped showing in the Health App after September 19 (probably when my watch was updated to latest version.

  • Cyrus Wu

    Just switched from a FitBit to a series 3. the fitbit always had VO2 max and all these fitness features, it just seems odd that Apple is playing catchup now.