Fido Barks: We’re Selling the iPhone 3G on July 11

Fido Announced iPhone 3G For Sale in Canada on July 11th!

Well, well, well, it looks like Canada’s “other” GSM carrier is going to the iPhone 3G! Fido today announced that they will be releasing the iPhone 3G on July 11th (which, coincidentally is the same release date as parent company Rogers). It was only a matter of time before we knew this, since the Apple website already stated it far in advance that Rogers and Fido would be selling the iPhone 3G.

The company issued a press release today to confirm this. Here is a little snippet:

“Fido services and devices suit our customers’ urban lifestyles, so iPhone 3G is the perfect fit for Canadians looking to be fashionable like this amazing wireless device,” said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Wireless, owner of the Fido brand. “As the brand voted number one in wireless customer satisfaction,(*) we are thrilled to provide our customers with the device that ranked the highest in customer satisfaction from a wireless cellular manufacturer.”

(*)As awarded by J.D. Power & Associates: ‘Canada’s Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Contract Wireless Service,’ 2007

How Much Will Fido Charge for the 3G iPhone?

We know that Rogers will be charging $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB iPhone 3G models. Since Rogers owns Fido, similar pricing was announced, with very similar wording as well:

iPhone 3G will be available to Fido customers at $199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb model on a three-year price plan. Stay tuned for price plan information and retail availability.

So, there you have it folks…now you will be able to buy your iPhone 3G from Rogers, Fido, and Apple. Let the nationwide line ups begin…if you want to sell your soul to a 3 year contract again (but at least you’ll be using a new iPhone 3G!). Thanks to Gray for the tip! :)

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