12-Inch Macbook Air Will be Noticeably Thinner and Also Come in Gold [Report]

According to a new report by Jack March, the much rumoured 12-inch Macbook Air will feature a “noticeably thinner design” and will come in Apple’s signature Space Gray, Silver, and Gold colour options. He claims that the slimmer MacBook Air, which will arrive sometime in mid-2015, will ditch the internal fans in favor of a processor that will perform without them.


The report further claims that Apple will move from the current USB ports to the new slimmer, reversible USB Type C introduced last month by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, and also remove the current MagSafe charging solution. The notebook is said to feature a fanless design, which means it probably operates on one of Intel’s latest generation Broadwell processors, which are capable of delivering that kind of performance.

The source also said “the display bezels are noticeably thinner, quite similar to the current MacBook Pro Retina lineup”. This would also bring greater continuity between Apple’s product line. The source also gave details on the design for the keyboard saying that it “it leaves almost no space on the side”, the source also mentioned the speaker location as being “above the keyboard and visible”, this design change is different to the current MacBook Pro with Retina Display lineup which has the speakers on the side of the keyboard, and the current Macbook Air which has speakers under the keyboard.

While the authenticity of this report cannot be guaranteed, it is however pretty much certain that Apple has plans to refresh its MacBook Air in the near future with at least a Retina display.