Apple Returns AirTag Sent to Tim Cook, Writes Personalized Reply [VIDEO]

Image: MegaLag on YouTube

Ever since Apple launched the AirTag, its item-tracking solution, back in April, a number of individuals have excitedly mailed the devices across the globe and used them to track the shipment’s progress. One tech YouTuber mailed three AirTags — one to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk at SpaceX HQ, one to Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple HQ, and one to North Korea.

In a new video on YouTube, German YouTuber MegaLag gives us an update on what became of the three AirTags — a tale of rampant incompetence on the part of shipping and logistics giant DHL.

YouTube video

DHL immediately lost track of the AirTag headed for North Korea at one of its logistics facilities in Frankfurt, Germany. MegaLag was forced to open an “investigation” into the matter, and shipped another AirTag to North Korea while he waited for the results of his inquiry.

DHL ended up mistakenly shipping the second AirTag to South Korea. An entire two weeks later, the YouTuber received an email from DHL informing him that the original parcel had been lost and was not recovered despite an intensive search — even though the YouTuber could see exactly where the AirTag was. DHL offered financial compensation for the damages.

In the meantime, the second AirTag made its way to South Korea, where it stopped transmitting its location and MegaLag found that AirTags in South Korea have ‘Find My’ integration disabled due to local laws.

When the YouTuber submitted DHL’s refund form without information on his shipment’s monetary value and instead said he would wait for the results of the “investigation”, DHL suddenly found and shipped the North Korea-bound AirTag the very next day.

Realizing the mistake they had made, DHL also redirected the second AirTag to be shipped to North Korea. Both AirTag shipments made their way to Beijing, which is where North Korea-bound cargo goes through. However, the YouTuber soon received some bad news — neither of the shipments could be imported into North Korea.

Upon digging into the matter, MegaLag found that North Korea was simply not accepting any shipments from the outside world at this time, due to a COVID-19-induced crackdown.

DHL representatives had previously confirmed to the YouTuber on at least two occasions that shipping to North Korea was possible. Get a grip, DHL.

Both AirTags were then set on a return journey to Germany.

As for the AirTag that was sent to Elon Musk, the parcel made it to SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne, California, where it sat for over two weeks before being sent to a metal scrap yard to be recycled, relaying its location for one final time. Ouch.

The AirTag that was sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple Park fared much better. The shipment sat idle in Apple Park for six weeks, before being mailed back to MegaLag in Germany — with the addition of an uplifting letter from one of Cook’s administrative assistants on some cool-looking paper with rounded edges.

Apple’s AirTags are available in Canada for $39 CAD, or $129 CAD for a pack of four.