Instagram Testing Different View Options, Including the Return of a Chronological Feed

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced that the company is actively testing the ability to switch between three different view options. One of which includes the highly requested return of a chronological feed.

Mosseri shared a video in which he showed how users may soon be able to swap between view modes. The default setting is ‘Home’ and is essentially what every Instagram user experiences when they log in right now. It’s highly rooted in Instagram’s algorithm and will show a feed created by what the company believes the user is interested in seeing. The second setting is a new feed and is dubbed ‘Favourites’. This feed, as explained by Mosseri, is made up of content from preselected accounts from the user. This can be anything from friends, family, or favourite meme accounts. ‘Favourites’ will specifically show content posted by those accounts and those accounts only. Finally, ‘Following’ is the third feed and introduces the requested return of a chronological feed of content.

Mosseri has confirmed that some Instagram users have already been able to get their hands on the new feed options. It’s expected that even more users will be able to test the feature out in the coming weeks. The full rollout of the new feed views is said to come during the first half of 2022.