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iRingPro Professional Ringtones for iPhone

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We all know somebody that has a rather embarassing ringtone on their mobile device. This is the person who scrambles frantically to answer their phone because outside of them, everyone else thinks their ringtone is ridiculous. We see it everyday.

So what can be done about this? Well, this is where iRingPro comes in, a professional group that makes professional and subtle ringtones.


iRingPro is a professional group that designs ringtones that are subtle, elegant and sophisticated. The tones are definitely not for everyone, but for those looking for very elegant and subtle tones, iRingPro’s three packages work well.

iRingPro has three different ringtone packages to choose from, each costing $9.95. Each package has a different set of tones with various sounds. Due to the diversity of the ringtones across the three packages, and even within a single package, there is truly a ringtone for everyone.

I also like that you can purchase the packages in three different formats; iPhone/Windows, iPhone/Mac and straight MP3 files. The first two formats are an easy install by dragging the folder right into the iTunes Ringtones folder.

The nice thing about the MP3 download is it expands the functionality of the ringtones beyond the iPhone. Downloading them as MP3’s means you can easily use the tones on other mobile devices but you can also convert the MP3’s to iPhone ringtones.

Since each ringtone package is different, I will detail each package below. You can also view the entire ringtone list per package and preview some of the ringtones that are available.


Zen2 is very contemporary and sounds more modern for today’s devices. Zen2 is my favorite of the three packages. You can see the package description below:

With the popular Zen 2 Collection of professional iPhone ringtones, iRingPro has established a new level of sophistication and etiquette in phone call reporting.

You simply will not find a more stylish and professional collection of ringtones on the market.

Upon first hearing them our users often say, “Finally…”

And we know exactly what they mean.



  • 22 original ringtones (12 single tones; 10 three-part multi-tones) with conventional silent pauses
  • 22 duplicate ringtones with extended silent pauses (same tones as above)
  • 44 ringtones in total
  • $9.95
  • Ringtone list and sound previews, click here

Origin is very primal with more natural and warm tones. You can see the package description below:

Inspired by the origins of music, the Origin Collection is composed of natural, earthy, organic sounds, that recall a time and place where all things were hand-crafted.

A touch of dust and adventure, in a high-tech package.

New Multi-Tone Ringers

A selection of our Origin ringtones make use of a new iRingPro format: Multi-Tone. Composed of 3 distinct segments, each time your phone rings, the sound is slightly different.

So now you’ll know how much time you have before that call goes to voicemail.



  • 31 original ringtones (28 single tones; 3 three-part multi-tones) with conventional silent pauses
  • 31 duplicate ringtones with extended silent pauses (same tones as above)
  • 62 ringtones in total
  • $9.95
  • Ringtone list and sound previews, click here

Tek is very sci-fi and robotic with a lot of “computer” type sounds. You can see the package description below:

The Tek Collection bridges the gap between the incredible devices imagined in movies, and the devices we own.

Tek ringers sound insanely advanced, even as they maintain iRingPro’s firm commitment to subtlety and sophistication.

People will ask you what kind of phone you have.

Q would be proud.


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