Best Buy Advertises iPhone 4 Accessories Before iPhone 4 Launch

It is six days before the iPhone 4 launch in Canada and Best Buy has started to advertise their selection of iPhone 4 accessories in store! A little early but hey, good effort!

While the company does not have any specific iPhone 4 cases or accessories listed on their website, they do urge customers to check in-store.

Visiting the Best Buy Mobile page, users are welcomed with the following splash page messages:

Best selection of iPhone 4 accessories available in-store today!

Best Buy Mobile is the ultimate destination for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 accessories. Check back each week as we had more hot iPhone 4 sku’s to our line up. Selection may vary by store.

Keep it mind that Apple will be giving iPhone 4 customers a free case, but if you need additional items, Best Buy will be one of the many retailers to check out for iPhone 4 accessories.

So if you want to jump on the Best Buy case selection, check it out but purchasing an iPhone 4 case now might not do you any good until next week.

[Best Buy Mobile]