BoxWave Lightning USB Cable Only $0.99 from Amazon.ca [Update]


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If you’re looking for extra Lightning USB cables, you might want to consider the following BoxWave 4 foot long cable for just $0.99 from Amazon.ca. This version claims to be ‘new and improved’ and according to user reviews, it works equally as good as Apple’s cables for a fraction of the price. At 99 cents, you can buy 21 BoxWave Lightning cables compared to just one from Apple ($21 each).

Below is an image uploaded from an Amazon review comparing Apple’s cable to the BoxWave cable:


Shipping is $4.99, so for $6 plus tax, you can have an extra (and longer) Lightning USB cable. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.

Click here to check it out from Amazon.ca.

Update: March 3, 11PM PST – this popular deal appears to be dead.