Breathe New Life Into Your Old 30-Pin Speaker Docks – Songo Link Review

Nyrius Songo Link

When Apple started moving away from its 30-pin connection in favour of its Lightning connection for iOS devices, many people were stuck wondering what they were going to do with their old speaker docks. There are options from adaptors and cables, but they aren’t always the most elegant or practical options. Nyrius has a new way to breathe life into your old systems with its Songo Link. Here’s my video review of the pre-release unit they sent us:

Simply, the Songo Link turns your old 30-pin docks into Bluetooth systems. You pop the little device onto your system dock, pair up your iOS device via Bluetooth, and that’s it. Now you can stream your audio and enjoy your speaker systems.

The audio itself sounds great. In my testing it sounds just as good as the audio I get when I have older 30-pin iPhones docked to the systems. So you aren’t losing any audio quality by streaming it. Also, the Songo Link features automatic pairing. What this means, is once you’ve initially set up the connection between your iOS device and the Songo Link, any time you are within range and have Bluetooth turned on, it’ll automatically connect. You no longer have to go into the settings and pair it up before you start using it.

Speaking of range, Nyrius claims the Songo Link has the best connection and streaming quality when you are within 33 feet of it. I did some testing and you can get further and still get the crystal clear sound, but it depends on how many barriers are between you and the Songo Link.

What also makes the Songo Link an attractive option, is you no longer have to keep your device connected to your dock. Like other Bluetooth systems, you can listen to your music and still use your iOS device. Of note, the Songo Link is only compatible with analog audio docking systems. It will note work with digital ones.

Overall, the Songo Link is a perfect, and affordable – only $25 – way to dust off those old 30-pin systems and start using them again. Click here to buy it from for $29.99.