Etre Touchy & Fivepoint Gloves For iPhone

Canadian winters are legendary. While most of the time the weather is pretty good, Canadian winters can become real nasty. Unfortunately, when the snow and cold wind arrive, our touch-screen iPhones tend to stop working either because our fingers are ice-cold or the touch display cannot recognize our taps through our gloves.

At this point, standard operating procedure is to slide off one glove and freeze your hand in order to use your device. There has to be a better solution. And so I searched and searched and found two lines of gloves manufactured in the UK called the Etre Touchy and Etre Fivepoint gloves.

Etre Ltd. has two types of gloves: the Touchy line and the Fivepoint line. Both glove types are a stylish, fun and very practical way to keep your hands warm while using your touchscreen device. In our case, iDevices. But the gloves can also be used in a variety of useful situations.

Etre Touchy Gloves

The Etre Touchy Gloves are the company’s first product line. Their design cuts the thumb and index finger-ends of each glove, allowing users to have direct contact with their device. The other fingers remain covered and protected, but your thumb and index finger could get cold.

The Touchy gloves come in small, medium, and large sizes and are made from 100% pure new wool. The Touchy also comes in a variety of styles:

  • Black with Grey trim
  • Limestone with Leather trim
  • Light Grey with Leather trim
  • Leather with Dubonnet trim
  • Chameleon with Leather trim
  • Oxford Blue with Ecru stripes
  • Ecru with Oxford Blue stripes
  • Oxford Blue with Dubonnet stripes
  • Oxford Blue with Salad stripes

Each Touchy glove, regardless of style or size, costs £19.99 GBP from the Etre online store, which works out to about $31.00 CDN.

Etre Fivepoint Gloves

Looking at the Etre Touchy gloves, you may be wondering if there are gloves that cover everything and don’t leave any fingers exposed. If so, you’ll be interested in the Fivepoint gloves.

The Etre Fivepoint gloves are the company’s upcoming product line currently available for pre-order. They are similar to the Touchy gloves but do not expose any fingers or thumbs.

The Fivepoint gloves are a stylish way of keeping your hands warm and dry while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touch-screen devices.

The gloves are almost like magic thanks to their specially-designed conductive fingertips. Why? Because these gloves allow users to touch, tap and type on touch-screens without having to take the gloves off! The feeling of using your device with gloves on is very interesting.

The Fivepoint gloves are available in medium and large sizes and are made from 95% pure new wool. The Fivepoint gloves also only come in one style at this time:

  • Oxford Blue with Grey Fingertips

Each Fivepoint glove, regardless of style or size, costs £24.99 GBP from the Etre online store, which works out to about $39.00 CDN. Since these are pre-order only, the Fivepoint gloves will be able from January 21, 2011.

Are The Etre Gloves Right For You?

Ultimately you decide whether the Etre line of gloves are right for you. But this Canadian winter, if you need to keep your hands warm while also being able to use your iDevice (it feels like magic), check out the Touchy and Fivepoint gloves from Etre! Also, if we get enough interest, I’ll see if I can give away a few pairs of the Etre Touchy gloves.