Eyeshadow Makeup Set iPhone Case

Okay, all the guys can just move along. This one is for the ladies! 😉 Being a married man, I know that the inside of a women’s purse can become a bottomless pit, making it impossible to find anything. My wife is constantly digging through her purse to find her keys, iPhone, makeup, lip gloss, or anything she might need. Being a guy, my suggestion is to just get a smaller purse with less stuff in it. I won’t even try to describe the look I get after that suggestion. 😛

Yesterday, I happened across this iPhone 4/4S case from Crafic, on Etsy. This case has a little makeup and eyeshadow kit built right in to the case! It even comes with a little brush to apply the makeup. With the iPhone 4/4S’s front facing camera, this becomes a convenient little vanity for the women on the go.

Okay, I gotta come clean and tell you this is not a functional makeup kit. These Crafic cases are just really well designed, and at first glance I really thought this was an actual makeup kit! Crafic has a whole line of these case with realistic graphics on the back. They have various designs to fit many tastes for guys and girls.


– Stylish Protection Without Bulking The Size Of Your iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s.
– Fits Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 and 4s
– Slim & Light Highly Protective Shell
– Full Access To All Functions
– Shock Absorbing Design
– High Quality Dual Layered Polycarbonate Case.

If you like this case or others from Crafic, they are sold exclusively on Etsy. They go for $17.99 plus shipping.