Griffin Outfit Ice Case For iPhone 4

With the launch of the iPhone 4, Griffin has introduced a new line of iPhone 4 cases. The Outfit Ice line of cases provide stylish and hard-shell protection for the iPhone 4.

Outfit Ice by Griffin

The Outfit Ice provides users with a hard exterior shell and a soft-touch casing. The case easily snaps onto the iPhone 4 and provides durable polycarbonate protection against drops and dents.

The case is very thin and fits the shape of the iPhone 4 perfectly. The case comes in two parts and once snapped in, the iPhone 4 is held securely.

The case covers the entire back, sides, top and bottom of the iPhone 4 while leaving access to the headphone jack, sleep/wake button, camera, dock connector, speaker/microphone, and silent switch/volume buttons.

With the outside protection that the case provides, the iPhone 4 display is exposed, so a screen protector may be a good investment to provide 100% protection.

Overall, the case feels good in the hand with that soft-touch grip and the two-part snap design ensures that the iPhone 4 is held tightly within the case. A variety of colors allows for some customization and the colors are not overly done.

The Griffin Outfit Ice is available in red, blue, black, and pink for $29.99 from the Griffin Online Store.