iGlowPhone Metallic Series Decal For iPhone 4 + Giveaway

If your iPhone 4 does not look durable enough as it is, consider an all metallic decal to toughen up the device. From the iGlowPhone line of device decals comes a brushed stainless steel vinyl decal for iPhone 4.

iGlowPhone Metallic Series by Mobile Riot Gear

The iGlowPhone metallic series is a brushed stainless steel vinyl decal for iPhone 4. The decal is applied to the back and outside edges of the iPhone 4, so almost the entire device is covered in a stainless steel vinyl.

Aside from the tough visual exterior, the vinyl decal also provides scratch protection for the back and sides of the iPhone 4. While the sides of the iPhone 4 are not as important, it is a good idea to have some kind of protection on the back and especially the display of iPhone 4. In this case, the vinyl decal does nothing for the latter.

When purchased, the vinyl package comes with decals for the edges on the iPhone 4, but the back piece matches the already existing iPhone 4 edges. So the brushed stainless steel edges do not need to be used unless you really want to.

Once applied, the decal does provide a rather distinguished look on the iPhone 4, as most iPhone devices are either covered by a case or left exposed. So seeing an extremely thin vinyl that is stainless steel has the tendency to stand-out.

Overall, if you find the look of stainless steel on your iPhone 4 appealing, check this accessory out.

The iGlowPhone metallic series decal includes a back and edge wrap and is available for $15.95 from the Mobile Riot Gear online store.


Today, I have ONE metallic vinyl decal to give away to an iPhoneinCanada.ca reader!

To win, finish the following sentence:

  • With stainless steel on my iPhone 4, my iPhone can now…

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends August 26, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

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