iPhone 4 Case Program: Snap Case Review

My Free iPhone 4 Case Has Arrived: Snap Case Review – By William Hunter

Thanks to the engineers at Apple who thought it would be a good idea to have people hold their iPhones by the antenna, Steve Jobs sent me a free case for my iPhone. When Steve put his tail between his legs and announced the free case program awhile back, he stated that it would last to September, and then be re-evaluated.

I’m not sure of its current status, but in short-form, ordering the case was easy. You downloaded the iPhone 4 Case Program app, chose from a number of case options, and then confirmed your purchase. Dead easy.

I opted for the Incase clear plastic Snap Case, which retails for $34.95 USD on their site. When you first open the box, the first thing you noitice is the nifty packaging.

The case itself feels a bit thin, but once you snap your iPhone into it, it fits like a glove and feels great. There is easy access to all buttons, and there’s the fringe benefit of extra protection from sliding the silence button accidentally when handling the iPhone from the top.

Also, there is a very slight edge that protrudes up over the front screen; it’s only millimetres, but it’s enough to keep your precious screen from coming in contact with a surface when you lay it down flat. I find that the snap case provides a bit more to grab when holding the phone, but still allows it to keep it’s ridiculously low profile. Incase calls it the lightest case in its product line, and they ain’t joking.

Still, the case does lessen the ability of sitting the phone upright by itself, although you can still manage it if you balance it right. It does not ruggedize the phone, and would probably not provide all that much extra protection if and when you drop it. It does, however, give back the ability to feel which side is up when you reach into your pocket for it.

I picked the Snap Case out of the plethora of options available, because I wanted something to provide a bit of protection, without covering the cool metal band around the edge of the phone, and not add any bulkiness. The incase Snap Case for iPhone does all that, and more. incase you were wondering.

Have you gotten your free gift from Steve Jobs yet?